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The Eventual Guide for Shopping Weekends in London, UK

oxford streetLondon is a place for everyone, from a kid to a granny. You can enjoy great shopping here and with a specialisation to his and her. You can see the details and start your shopping.

London is one among the most fascinating, beautiful and historic cities in the world. As the city is good for sightseeing, staying, eating, it is also good for the shopping. In fact one can say it is a hub for shoppers. There are many shopping streets and branded shops where you can do loads of shopping. If you do not want to spend money, just window shopping is a fun. These are the places you can do lots of bargaining as well. To help you shop better here we have the perfect London shopping weekend's ideas for him and her. You can go through the list and get ready for a wonderful shopping.



This is one of the best departmental stores in London. Here you can expect to get the biggest brands. Its "Wow factor" will definitely attract all the shoppers. The shop deals in almost everything from food items to clothes you can get everything here. This is a must visit shop indeed. You can simply spend the whole day walking around the store. There is a huge food court to have a quick bite. Before you go there you need to ensure what you wear because the stores strictly follow a dress code. The dress code is rally unusual and surprising thing but you need to follow the same for sure.

Retro Game Base

This is the only shop in the UK that is devoted to the ‘retro' gaming. This is the actual treasure-trove for gamers. Situated in the Streatham in South London, the store concentrates in the classic, former era of video game. The shop sells everything from characteristic consoles and accessories to games etc. You can enjoy the great variety at this place.



Though it has gained a boost in the branding currently, it nurtures its style. It goes in line with the latest style. This departmental store takes the glamour of Harrods and adds a better styled up-to-the-minute spin, Selfridges are known as world's best department store in both 2010 and 2012 and it stores the UK's biggest beauty department. Also when you are in the zone, Oxford Street is the most crowded shopping street in UK. Almost all major names in universe own the store. Many of the well-known chains suppose their Oxford Street locations to be their milestone stores, like the Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Top-shop, and Marks & Spencer. So if you like any of these chains, just move to the oxford street. This can be the best area for all of the shopping lovers.

Carnaby Street

Situated very near to the Oxford Street and Regent Street, Carnaby Street is known as the UK's fashion magnet. This is house to many of the fashion world's most distinguished names, and also many elf-governing boutiques. If you like the fashion then a visit to the Carnaby Street is a must. Since a long time, the street grew and changed as fashions did equally, finally becoming. "The place" to shop for hippies. It also grabbed the attention of celebrities and musicians. In fact the street is referred in sons by some of the British institutions.

Fortnum & Mason

This is the best for the trend lovers. Formerly this was a grocery store near Piccadilly in the heart of the London is early 18th century which was then changed to an iconic British institution. The store resembled to the royal family for hundreds of years and it held many of the royal warrants. This well-known departmental store serves the best food and this is also a house to a renowned tea shop and also some of the world-class restaurants. So this could really keep him and her tickled for at least a long time. So if you are a couple and want to shop together, no choice is truly better.

For Both


There is a shop where both can do the shopping, Hamleys. This is the first choice of the youngsters. This is a must visit for fashion lovers. This is the biggest and largest shop in the world. Started in the year 1760, before being ultimately moved to its up-to-date Regent Street home in 1881, Hamleys is expanded over 7 floors with a ground floor that is given for the stuffed soft toys. This is a real place not to miss. If you are planning to visit the store before the 15th July, you need to look for the currently fixed Lego bus stop outside the shop. This has been built from 100 000 Legobricks. The shop is a very big shop and you can have a great time here.

Marks and Spencer

This shop takes care of everyone. You can get the best clothes for him and her. It also has very good children collection. Your kids can really enjoy the varied collection.

In addition there are also many other shops where you can go for shopping and enjoy it too. You can see the details online and then decide which shop to go at. If you want to spend maximum time doing shopping then you can stay at one of the best hotels nearby. They can provide you with the best Hyde Park Accommodation. Here you can enjoy a great time. So just pick your bags and make your wallets ready. Get ready for a nice shopping experience. It's time for you to do lots of shopping.

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