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The Beast Way to Spend Your Hotel Staycation

Some people may think it’s the most boring activity of all time, but the idea behind a hotel staycation is to relax. The reason why others do not like the idea is because they think this way: “why to pay a place to rent just so you can rest, right?” Yes, but then also, no. When you’re on a staycation, you can still do something else, besides just being inside the bedroom watching TV or browsing the web using the hotel Wifi. You can go beyond the definition of this very simple concept and make your hotel staycation fun! You can begin by asking what activities can you do on a staycation?

Here are some of the few tips you can do to make your hotel staycation memorable and fun:

  1. First and foremost, relax. You might think this is boring but if you look at it in another perspective you will realize this is what you’ve been longing for during your hectic and busy working days.
    This is your main goal for vacationing. You take your mind off work and other affairs. It’s just you and re-connecting with yourself. It doesn’t even matter it’s just in the locality. Being abroad is more stressful because it gives you a sense of “I need to check the place,” as opposed to just sit back and relax, take a dip in the pool you deserve your staycation feel.
  2. Go all in or all out. You can explore the city on your own and get to know the sights and sounds of the locality. Go on, ride a bike explore the place, and enjoy it as if you’ve never or heard some of these places before. Allow yourself to even get lost in places you’ve never really checked out before. It will make you feel that your vacation is a real vacation itself.
  3. Make moments you can remember. This means that you go outside of your room and take pictures of yourself, here and there. Visit the nearby restaurants where you stay. Go further, take photos, the demure ones even the wacky ones. You can also try and make monuments out of the moments, like taking a photo with the monuments or landmarks of the places you went to visit.
  4. Join some events. It could either be a concert whether from a popular or non-popular artist. It could be about the markets,or an exhibit form a local museum. The free-er or little expense as possible, the better. You don’t have to wait for something to make things exciting. Make friends with all other attendees, take photos with them. If you get lucky, take photos with the exhibitor or the artist himself. You can just simply make it exciting. As you look around in order to find something that will entertain you. Make it your best adventure yet.
  5. Learn from your vacation. Vacations are not just solely to relax. They are also one of the ways to get away from the world, but it is also a fun way to learn. If you did join some events, then you could be learning about certain things the way locals enjoy themselves. Maybe you have not done such activity before so let it be an experience. Experience is always the best teacher. Going out of your comfort zone provides you learning you never knew you ever would have.
  6. Give yourself time to breathe. If you’ve been the kind who is all about work, work, work, a hotel staycation is a good way to take a break. Let’s admit that some jobs that we do are stressful; deadlines to finish, and meetings to attend to. However after reaching the goals that we work hard for, get a little vaca-staycation. Make it as some sort of reward for yourself. You work hard, therefore, you deserve something. Life is not all work or play. There should always be a time for everything including a well-deserved vacation break that you can give your self. Your purpose could be for rejuvenation and as the great Stephen Covey has put it: “Sharpening your chainsaw before the next grind comes along.” OK, so he didn’t exactly say that but it’s sort of how it’s said being paraphrased.

You do not have to go abroad, or go visit the most exotic place to have a memorable staycation. Even if you are just in your locality and decided to rent a nearby place to get your hotel specials, you still can have fun. So what are you waiting for? Kickback, relax and have a good one!

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