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The Australian Almanac: A Guide to Planning Your Adelaide Adventure

If you’re planning your first trip to Adelaide, it can be hard to know where to start. Adelaide is abounding with cultural treasures and hidden gems that are sure to entice travelers of all kinds. So, putting together a detailed plan is a must for making sure that you don’t miss a thing. From accommodation right through to the different attractions, Adelaide has a lot to offer. Make the most of your adventure by using this guide to planning your trip to Adelaide.

History and relaxation

When you are planning your trip to Adelaide, you won’t want to miss the chance to experience a little history as well as one of the more relaxing areas of Glenelg. Glenelg is a must do on your list of places to visit in Adelaide. A beautiful beachside town on it’s own, you will also get the pleasure of traveling there on Adelaide’s last remaining tram.

Taking off from the city centre, you’ll get to experience a piece of history as you travel to one of the most beautiful areas Adelaide has to offer. One of the advantages of including Glenelg on your itinerary is it is fun for the whole family. The tram alone could be enough to excite the family. But add to this the fact that Glenelg is a surf-free beach and you have a recipe for the perfect day out. Enjoy the calm and relaxing waters at the beach before venturing back to the city centre.

A cultural delight

If you enjoy shopping and food, then you will be sure to add the Adelaide Central Market to your adventure. One of the oldest indoor markets in the world, the Central Market is a colourful offering of food, drinks, and shopping. Whether you are hungry, looking for a bargain or simply wanting to smell the fresh flowers, you are sure to find something in the markets. Located very centrally near Victoria Square, these markets a must visit on your adventure to Adelaide. There is also the famous Adelaide fringe festival which welcomes thousands of visitors each year, putting on a display of art, entertainment and community fun.

Find the right space

Accommodation in Adelaide is abundant, but finding the right accommodation for your trip is very important. Depending on the purpose of your trip, the accommodation options may differ. It is, however, hard to beat the offering of apartments in Adelaide. They are a fantastic way to establish a base camp and provide you with an opportunity to enjoy some home comforts while on holiday.

If you prefer a coffee or breakfast at home before setting out for the day, an apartment is a great option. Offering kitchens and appliances, you can really make a holiday feel like home. In addition, an apartment will feel a little more homely versus the traditional hotel room. Depending on the length of your stay, an apartment is a great option to set up camp and make the space your own.

Making new friends

If experiencing the outdoors and all Adelaide has to offer is something you want out of your adventure, then consider making some new friends at Cleland Wildlife Park. Located a short drive from Adelaide’s CBD, the wildlife park offers visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s friendliest locals. From Kangaroos and wallabies, right through to emus, this open wildlife park is a destination to add to any trip planned to Adelaide. Unlike most other parks or zoos, Cleland is an open area where the animals roam freely. You can choose whether you get up close and personal or simply admire these wonderful creatures from afar. Either way, you’ll not want to miss an opportunity to see these local heroes when in Adelaide.

When planning your next Adelaide adventure it can be hard to work out what to do given the options at hand. If you aren’t sure what to include on your list, then consider this guide when planning your next Adelaide adventure.

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