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The Art of Traveling in Style – 5 Tips You Need to Know

Traveling around the world can be a very exciting and even life-changing experience, but it is also a bit grueling if you don’t prepare correctly. For those new to traveling it may seem impossible to look fresh and stylish, or to be relaxed and comfy during the trip, but it’s all in the details. As any experienced traveler will tell you, there are certain essentials that don’t seem like much at first, but will go a long way in helping you look and feel like a million bucks. Here are some of the best little tips and tricks that you should try out the next time you go on a holiday or business trip.

Wear layered and comfy clothes

You are going to need clothes that allow for unobstructed movement and feature breathable fabrics. It’s best to layer up, because it makes adjustments quick and simple – e.g. you can take a layer of when hot and put another one on if you feel cold. Comfy pants, leggings, t-shirts, linen shirts, suit vests and light jackets are the best choice. The goal is to look stylish, but in a more casual way, while feeling extremely relaxed. There are a few simple guidelines that can help you become a master of layering.

Go for light and simple shoes


The last thing you need on a long flight is to have your feet aching or heating up and making you feel uncomfortable. Oxfords or high heels may look great on you, but they will make you regret choosing style over comfort soon enough. Slip on shoes should be your go-to choice, especially on long haul flights. You can have a simple and comfy pair and a more formal pair ready to go in your carry-on, if you want to look your best when you get to your destination, but want to have all the comfort you can get during the trip.

Hook up to a VPN for safe browsing and cheap communication

A big problem you’ll encounter once you start traveling more often are security problems when using Wi-Fi at airports and other public hotspots, and you may even be shocked to find that you can no longer access the content on certain websites you are subscribed to because of geographical restrictions. You can bypass these issues by choosing a VPN host with servers available worldwide, and you’ll never have to worry about accessing the files you have stored in the cloud form an unsecure connection.

Spend a bit more on quality suitcases


We usually think of someone’s clothes and basic accessories when we try to gauge their style, but your luggage also plays a huge role in terms of style, comfort and security. While a basic suitcase will get the job done, high quality options are far more durable, harder to break into, and offer plenty of strategically placed storage pockets. There are numerous options for such suitcases today to choose from that can be both trendy, and super light. Besides, other important things you should consider when picking up a suitcase, are its secureness and smooth, effortless movement. Opt for those large orsmall durable suitcases that have double silent spinner wheels and built-in TSA-compatible locks. With modern materials, you can have a piece of luggage that is lightweight, yet spacious and sturdy, making both packing and transport a breeze.

Have spare clothes, food and basic toiletries in your carry on

You don’t have to be a paranoid doomsday prepper to notice a glaring problem with airlines – the quite substantial risk of your luggage ending up in a different airport than you – and to take steps to maximize damage control in such cases. By having an entire backup outfit, and a couple of extra pairs of socks and underwear with you on the plain, you’ll be able to get by for a day or two until the problem with your luggage is sorted out.

In some cases you’ll only have enough time to quickly refresh yourself before heading off to a meeting straight from the airport – even with no time to unpack, you’ll be able to freshen up, grab a quick bite and throw on some fresh clothes from your carry on.

Any travel experience can be made 10 times better with the tips outlined above. If you come off the plane looking fresh, happy and like you just stepped down from a fashion runway, you’ll impress everyone and will have the confidence to relax and have fun or land that big deal.

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