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The Art of Mountain Photography [Infographic]

mountain-photoMountains evokes emotional and physical responses. And capturing the same feeling in your camera with the right skills is definitely difficult. But there's nothing like getting a perfect shot of mountain if you know the right trick behind it. Mountains are gorgeous and there's nothing like being in the presence of the mountains.

The big views are the reason I fell in love with them and perhaps the reason why most people venture up a mountain in the first place. However, of all the landscapes that a photographer photograph, mountains remain one of the challenging to capture. Landscape photographers are more or less tied to the reality of the scene and the whims of the light conditions. Amidst all the difficulties, photographing mountain landscapes can still be very creative fulfilling pursuit, and not just from behind the camera.

The Art of Mountain Photography_tonywhittle_Infographic_2nd july,2014

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