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Sticky Situation Solver – 5 Lifehacks For Getting Yourself Out of Trouble

LifehacksYou’ve planned everything through and through, packed and repacked, checked everything in your bag twice, yet somehow once you are too far away from home to turn back, you realise you have forgotten something.

Don’t stress, it happens to the best of us.

Life isn’t always straightforward and easy, there will always be little mishaps, luckily there are local companies such as True Locksmithswho can help you out in sticky situations, but for other trials and tribulations, you will have to sort yourself out. But fear not! As hard as adult-ing may seem, it’s not that hard once you apply real life hacks to it.

So, before you freak out about leaving the house today, here are 5 Lifehacks that can get future you out of trouble.


Too much time is wasted in the morning looking for a bag, contents of a bag, or keys.

Rushing out the door leaves no one in a good mood and starting off your day in a rut is never ideal. Hang up some hooks next to or near your front door, so that every time you come home you can immediately hang up your keys and bag, you’ll never waste excess time searching for them in a rush or worry about losing them again.

Medical card

You are almost always going to have your wallet, or some form of wallet, on you at any time.

Take the time to get a piece of cardboard about the size of a business card and write down all of your medical information in case of an emergency. Information such as your emergency contact(s), medications, illnesses, allergies, and blood type could end up saving your life in the event of an emergency.

Do not Be Silly

Have you ever left the house and started freaking out because you couldn’t remember if you actually locked the door or turned off the stove? Not a good feeling! If this happens to you with certain things, do something silly or weird after you do the task so when you try to think back on it, you will definitely remember having done it.

Try and do something different each time, this will make it not get boring, but also won’t make you think of a time when you have previously done that silly action.

Hide Money

If you’re going out somewhere, like the beach or a club, and are worried that people might go through your bag whilst you’re not looking, then think two steps ahead and hide your money somewhere they won’t think to look. Use an empty sunscreen bottle, or a sanitary pad packet to store your money so no wandering hands get a hold of them.

Hidden Key

This one goes without saying.

Too many times have people come home after a long day or night, desperate to fall, nay, collapse, into bed but once they get to the door they realise that they have forgotten a key. Save yourself this future trouble by hiding a spare key in your front yard, somewhere only you would know or think to look. The fake rock or pot plant trick has been done maybe too many times; get creative with where you hide the key, as long as you will remember where it is.

There are so many different tricks and hacks you can use for making life that little bit easier, check out more online or even create your own ones to help your own world flow that little bit smoother.

If you have any questions, please ask below!