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St. Paul's Cathedral: Explore its Magnificence with Pride

St.-Pauls-CathedralLondon is just the fabulous place to be seen at especially when you are planning to go out on a vacation. It is the capital of England and is crammed with the best of the travel hotspots that are aimed at sprucing up your spirit of vacation to a greater extent. These days, more and more vacationers are shirking heir traditionalism for something more adventurous and London is just the rightful place for trying out all the levels of adventurous enthusiasm without having to feel bored for absolutely anything. If in case it has been a long time that you have not gone out on a holiday tour to anywhere in the British capital and truly wish to make the sincere most of everything then you can always consider to enjoy every bit of the holiday in a desirable manner. London city is well enriched with some of the finest attractions of all time that you can choose to explore during your upcoming vacation. If it is always about enjoying the vacation break thoroughly then a well planned itinerary is all that you need. In the English capital, there are several places of interests which you can choose to visit during your upcoming vacation and you can be completely assured of having a gala time ahead.

With a plethora of travel attractions to visit and many other tourists worthy activities to indulge into, London is surely one of the finest places to explore in the whole wide world.

If you are done with creating your vacation itinerary and still have space for more than it is the St. Paul's Cathedral that you must be including on your list of plan. Enjoy the exquisite interior of the cathedral will get eventually a captivating task to indulge into during your upcoming visit. This is also the rightful place for uncovering some of the fascinating stories about its enriching history.

You are surely going to love the idea of exploring St. Paul's for yourself while try out the acoustic quirks at the Whispering Gallery You would love the idea of climbing up 85 meters to the Golden Gallery for taking in the breathtaking views of the English capital long with its spectacular travel hotspots. This is the best place for even the most discerning soul wanting to take a quiet moment for reflecting and contemplating. This is a marvellous experience that you would love to cherish for a lifetime.


St Paul's Cathedral was founded in 604 AD. It happens to be the second largest cathedral in the whole wide world and the construction of the present building took nearly 35 years to complete. It is the most famous work of the greatest architect of all time, Sir Christopher Wren. This cathedral has surely enjoyed an eventful history. Five of the most interesting churches were built on this site. The first church was dedicated to the Apostle Paul and it dates back to 604 AD.

Turn the pages of history with a patriotic pride for the purpose of looking at the monuments in the aisles. No one was ever commemorated in the cathedral until 1795 and at present it is second only to Westminster Abbey in the number of monuments.

About the cathedral

The Dome: It reaches a magnificent height of 111 meters and weighs about 66,000 tons. There are eight fabulous churches supporting the dome and on the top if the dome, there is a large lantern that weighs around 850 tons.

It would take 528 steps to climb off the ground and you must consider paying a visit to St. Paul's Cathedral in the English capital would definitely not be completed without seeing the Golden Gallery.

The interior of the cathedral is undoubtedly the best that you have seen in years. It is stunning inside and has the dome as its central feature. Be ready for the assent and make sure to fuel your stomach with a slice of cake and some coffee before getting back into the cathedral.

The Whispering Gallery: This gallery beautifully runs around the interior of the dome and gets its name from a charming quirk in the construction. The sound travels all the way round and can be heard by someone standing on the other end. You can pass your time by sitting down while listening to the whispered conversation of others.

The Stone Gallery: Climb 119 steps more and that will bring you to the Stone Gallery that is at a stunning 173 feet. The view is spectacularly impressive and you can surely look ahead to take a moment before heading skywards all over again.

Next is the Golden Gallery which runs around the highest point of the outer dome and is at 280 ft high. Climb up 528 steps to the top when the stairs change to a vertigo introducing an open space from where it gets easier to look at the spectacular city skyline. Going down can become a challenging task as you had the liberty to fix your eyes ahead of yourself in search of the wondrous sight to capture.

As you reach the top of the cathedral and get to step out into the fresh air, you would be rewarded with the spectacular views of the pristinely flowing River Thames, The Shard, Tate Modern, Gherkin, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and several others.

Apart from marvelling at the beauty and striking view of the cathedral, you must also consider taking a moment and saluting the volunteers who has saved St Paul's from getting destroyed during the Blitz of the Second World War. Hence it is not only Christopher Wren we have to thank for this magnificent piece of artistic exquisiteness but also the brave hearted men who had spent night after night in patrolling the roof of the cathedral as the English capital was bombed.

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