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Some Great European Cities You Cannot Miss To Visit In 2018

This year, there are definitely a few European cities that you simply cannot miss to visit. In a few cases it would be due to the special occasions and celebrations while for others it could be due to its architectural and cultural mark and projects.

Below we have mentioned about a few European cities that you must visit if you are planning a vacation with your family, loved ones or even if you’re traveling solo, you still would enjoy every second of your trip. Let’s jump straight to the list of cities mentioned below:

  1. Valletta, Malta

Benjamin Disraeli, who was the Prime Minister of Britain during the 19th century, after his visit to the capital of Malta, Valletta, stated it as being one of the ‘most beautiful’ places because of its rich style, structural design and splendid streets. He further also stated that it was a blend of Venice and Cadiz.

Valletta’s history is about 7000 years old. Back in the days, it was seized and inhabited by the Spanish, British, Romans and Phoenicians. It finally gained independence in the year 1964. This is one of the chief reasons why this city is rich and filled with some splendid prehistoric monuments. You will get to see some grand Roman catacombs along with some outstandingly beautiful ornamental architecture.


There are some novel and great city fortifications too which was constructed by the Knights of St. John. If you want you can even get in touch with anescort agency that will provide you with some great moments in the city. You will be able to select escorts as per your liking and fantasy and enjoy the whole city with them.

Valletta also has some fascinating sites which every tourist must visit such as Upper Barracca Gardens and Fort St. Elmo. Here you will get the chance to see the history through your very own eyes and how Maltese resisted and endured during the phase of World War II. You must not miss The Lascari War Rooms which also has underground tunnels. In these tunnels there was General Eisenhower did also conduct the very notable and eminent Operation Husky.

Apart from the impressive and deep history of Valletta, you will be able to enjoy Malta to the utmost as the weather is shining and bright 3000 days a year. Also ensure that you do visit The St John’s is in this place that “The Beheading of St. John the Baptist” has been exhibited in detail.

  1. Matera, Italy

This town has been beautifully transformed and become a mark of magnificence with time. Definitely this town is a true depiction of what rags-to-riches truly means. This area was known back in the days as the slum area of Italy, but today stands tall with many marvelous boutique hotels lined up. Plus there are AirBnB accommodations to make things easier for tourists and travelers too.


You will for sure enjoy the great view which would comprise of white cavernous houses stacked next to each outer. This is known to be one of the oldest inhabited cities of the world. This city looks dreamy and surreal. This is the reason why this town has been one of the major reasons why so many movies have been directed here. Make sure that you do take a walk past the town which was built during the Paleolithic Age. By 2019, it is estimated that there would be a flotilla of events that would be planned here. Hence, make sure that you visit this place soon and enjoy its essence in the purest of state.

  1. Hamburg, Germany

Known as Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg blesses tourists with a wide array of unending impressive architectural sites. We have to mention the famous Town Hall which tends to look even more pleasing and quaint due to the presence of the Elbe River which runs all throughout the city.


The other river which has empowered Hamburg economically is Lake Alster. You have a good list of eating places and cafes situated here with people and visitors coming in to enjoy this place as the most soothing picnic spot. You must visit the largest warehouse complex-The Speicherstadt as it is renowned for its dark red brick Neo-Gothic buildings.

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