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Single Girls’ Weekend Escapes

All groups of friends need weekend escapes every once in a while. Single girls‘ weekend escapes are therapeutic, whether they are meant for relaxation, entertainment, or excitement. They help solidify friendships, balance group dynamics and provide ideal circumstances for tea spilling. Especially in this period, when we find stress in every aspect of our lives, weekend escapes should be mandatory. How else are we supposed to disconnect from this incredibly connected existence? Just pack your bags, grab your girlfriends and enjoy your weekend escape.

If only things were that easy. Weekend escapes that involve a group of people can be great, but they aren’t easy to organize. Each of your girlfriends is amazing, but they are all different. While the most courageous is the least organized, the shiest can be the silent leader of the group. The gorgeous one might only want to lounge by the ocean, but you want to hike mountains. You all have different preferences when it comes to pastime activities, different budgets, and needs. Planning a single girls’ weekend escape isn’t as simple as picking the hotel and driving there. You have to consider all their individual needs and make it an excellent time for all of them. If you’re the designated trip planner, follow these rules for an outstanding single girls’ weekend getaway.

Needs vs. Wants

Planning a trip that involves several people is all in balancing needs vs. wants. Each person in your group of friends will come up with activities or places that they want to see. What is important is the reason and purpose of the trip. For a single girls’ weekend escape to be successful, their needs will trump over wants. With the need to completely disconnect from the realities of today, an unplugged vacation would be a good idea. Give everyone the time to relax, recharge and get in tune with themselves. Spas are another great option but so are nights out on the town for the girls. Whether recovering from a recent breakup or struggling with work-related stress, dancing is a great way to let go of every ounce of tension. The best thing about it is, it can be done in the crowdest of a club or the comfort of an all-inclusive cabin by the lake. Girls do want to have fun, regardless of who’s looking.

Simplify their Choices

The more people are in your party, the more opposing suggestions you’ll have. This is why a trip planner might be required. The last thing you want is to have too many options to vote on. Fewer choices will turn the debate into a “this” or “that” situation. You wouldn’t want a “this”, or “that”, or “the other thing”, or “the other place”, and so on conundrum on your hands. Pick a place and give a couple of choices for accommodation. If the place is an issue, you can come up with another suggestion. If your friends are too picky, simply organize a mystery trip where all they know is the date and the budget required. While airline companies lower their prices closer to the flight, this isn’t a guarantee, so don’t aim for that.

Establish Individual Budgets

Throughout your planning process, do not forget the most important thing. For a girls’ weekend getaway to be a triumph, you’ll need all the girls. You wouldn’t want anyone to be left out. Because of that, you should never lose sight of the budget. Before you start booking anything – actually, before you start browsing, ask your girls for an honest estimate of how much they can spend. Depending on this, you can rule out Jamaica or place Dubai on the list. The most important thing about organizing a budget is knowing where the extra buck matters and where it doesn’t. This also depends on the kind of trip you want to have.

Some say that the place is more important than the hotel. It makes sense because, honestly, how much time do you spend in a hotel? Again, it depends. If you go to a relaxation and spa resort, there’s a chance you won’t even leave the complex. Still, besides that scenario, the place does matter more. That is why the accommodation is usually where you can cut the budget. As long as the room is clean, has good service, and has all the amenities your group needs, then it’s good. As we mentioned Jamaica and Dubai before, you should know that the flight will be the most significant expense for most exotic destinations. Everything else will be incredibly cheap. Still, going there, services like Booking or AirBnB might not be as trustworthy as you’d expect. Checking the hotel and room before you book it might be necessary.

Bonding Accommodations

The best way to arrange accommodations is based on the people you have in your group. Girls need access to private corners for some heart-to-heart, but you can’t have everyone squeezed in a single suite. You do know how bathroom lines come to happen in clubs, mostly for girls. Well, that’s what you’re signing up for if you arrange for 4 or 6 girls to share one suite. Several double or single rooms aren’t ideal either because you won’t have areas where you can just hang out. The best option is to choose an entire home. Like that, you’ll have places to lounge, to hold parties, movie nights, alone time, and spots where people can talk in confidence. There’s also going to be a kitchen for late-night snacks or quick meals that fit your itinerary. Comfy seating by a fire pit is where the best moments can happen.

Safety First

Look into travel insurance options. If you book the trip through an agency, they might have insurance companies with which they collaborate. It’s an option, but understanding what those policies cover is essential. The best option would be for each person on the trip to purchase their insurance separately. You should also look into places worth visiting once restrictions are lifted.

Find the Balance

Being the arbiter of equality among your friends’ group may not be the best position to be in. Still, finding a way to balance things out is for the benefit of the entire group. If one of your girlfriends pulls the shortest straw when sleeping arrangements are made, make sure she gets a bonus. A discount for sleeping on the rollaway bed might sweeten the deal, or you can take her to dinner.

You can ensure fairness by applying excellent communication skills. Make everyone aware of what can be done and what is out of the question. Setting some ground rules will only simplify things and decrease the risk of misunderstandings. Establish what is shared and personal when it comes to fridge content, responsibilities, and the check at the restaurant. Will each pay for what they ordered, or will you split it evenly?


Take it from me. Compromising isn’t always the best idea. During the last trip I took with my girlfriends, we spent so much time debating where we would go and how we would get there that we almost postponed it. We bought the flight ticket three days before the flight. All because we couldn’t make up our minds and decide on one place. We only knew we wanted to go to the ocean.

When it comes to compromising, you’d think we should have pushed away from going on the coast as one of my friends can’t swim. Well, guess who was pushing for the coast the most. Of course, it was the one with the biggest chance of drowning. This is why I say compromising isn’t always the answer. If I hadn’t set my foot down and pushed for one destination, we probably wouldn’t have gone anywhere. Still, if she wouldn’t have pushed for the coast despite her limitations to any water-related activities, the trip wouldn’t have been as relaxing as it was. Know your friends, plan the trip, and have the best girls’ weekend escape possible!

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