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Signs You Need A New Mattress

Sleep is a vital activity that humans need to get energized and heal from various activities in the day. Many people do not realize that the average mattress is only good for a maximum of ten years. This is due to natural wear and tear of the mattress from daily sleeping patterns. One must remember that humans are constantly shedding skin and when was the last time you washed your mattress? Mattresses over time tend to sag, spring breaks and they can get lumpy. These gradual breakdowns can eventually wreak havoc on your sleep patterns.

Sleeping on an overdue mattress can cause many ailments to one’s health. Old mattresses can do a number of people who have allergies. Since mattresses tend to soak up the sweat, grime and dead skin cells, this is a haven for bed bugs. Bed bugs can cause a public health issue, especially to the young, old, and bed-bound. Nobody wants to wake up to thousands of these bugs crawling around in the sheets! Allergens can settle on the fabrics in your mattress, which may cause sniffles and coughs. If you are waking up in the morning feeling unpleasant, you should probably think aboutreplacing your mattress. In addition, if you are experiencing snoring it may be from the dust and debris that might have settled in your mattress.

If you have trouble staying asleep or wake up in pain each morning; it could be the mattress you are sleeping on. The age of the mattress matters due to the ever-changing technology of materials and science of sleep. There are various types of mattresses from water, synthetic, natural, and advanced technology using sleep settings electronically. Today, there are mattresses made for every sleep type. Sensitive skin and back pain? Find an organic mattress for side sleepers. No matter your sleeping style, do your research and find the right one for you.

Do you find that your mattress is lumpy or sags? A sagging mattress does not provide your body the support it needs and will lead to back pain. If you feel like you are waking up sore, without exercising the day before, it might be a good time to consider purchasing a new mattress.

Just like how mattresses come in various sizes of Twin, Full, Queen and King, they also vary in weight capacity. One would not expect a full-grown man to sleep in a kid twin bed. The correct mattress is necessary for its user. It is better to spend the money on a good comfortable mattress to be used for years to come. Getting skimpy on the wrong mattress for yourself will only hurt in the long run when it comes to quality sleep.

You know you need a new mattress when the living room couch or a sleeping bag is a more preferable sleeping item. Shopping for a new mattress in person can be a hassle with the time it takes to check out the store in question, the brands, and types. It is not exactly a walk in the park, and one can feel rushed when a sales associate is helping to make a final sale. That is why many companies offer the chance to buy their mattresses online with your customizations in mind. It is hard to know whether you may need a soft or firmer mattress. Think about your last mattress and if it gave you enough support. Your sleep is directly related to your productivity. Because you spend years with the same mattress it is crucial you find one that fits all your needs.

Getting a good night’s rest is just as essential as a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Poor sleep can lead to decreased brain function, irritable temperament, and weight gain. Not only does sleep help your mental functions, but also sleep can reduce heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, and aging. Finding the perfect mattress might just be the thing your body needs! If you are looking for a new mattress then MyNextMattress who are the leading online stockist of quality mattresses stock the new Sealy Mattress Range which boasts incredible support for your whole body. Their collections are backed by orthopaedic science to provide support where you need it most.

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