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Secrets for Cheap Holidays In 2019

One of the things that really enrich our experience on earth is travel. It is a huge rock and there is plenty to discover and explore. I think if you ever live without even having explored your very own country, you would have missed so much. However, travel is not necessarily cheap. Well, not if you don’t know how to get the best deals at the most affordable prices. You don’t have to be a millionaire to tour the globe. With some careful planning and cheats here and there, even you can have the blast of a lifetime. Here are a few secrets to help you make 2019 one of the years you traveled the most.

Cheap Flights

One of the most expensive things about traveling is flying, which means if you can reduce the traveling cost, you will significantly improve your budget and you’ll have money for other things during your trip.

The secret to cheap flights involves research and having the right connections. The research will help you find the most affordable flying tickets to your preferred destination. Having the right connections or network will reduce the amount of time you spend researching. Between research and the right connections, I would pick having the right connections over research.

There are various websites online dedicated to finding the cheapest flights available to various destinations. Consider finding one that you like and enroll in their services.

Cheap Hotels

Things are not much different for hotels as they are for flying. Of course, you are going to a strange place and you don’t yet own anything there. You will need accommodation and hotels are the natural thing to do. Nonetheless, they can be very expensive and they often are.

To find the cheapest hotels, you have to go out of your way and take your time to find one. You can go online and compare various prices or you can give someone the task to do the searching for you. Like flying, various websites online will suggest the most affordable hotels for you in any destination. Travel with Teletext holidays to get great deals for both affordable hotels and flying tickets to your favorite vacation spot.


The three basic needs are food, shelter, and clothing. However, in the modern world, people are so spoiled that they have made meaningless luxuries a basic need. There is so much you can let go of and have a fun time at most of the world’s most cherished holiday destinations.

As long as you are in a safe country and a hotel is in a secure location, forgo some things like very spacious rooms, free transportation, free parking, in-house cooking, swimming pools, and other things that you don’t really need. As long as the hotel has a nice clean room for you; again, it is in a secure location; and the staff is nice and respectful, other things are not that important. You have shelter, you can get your own food from local restaurants, you brought your own clothes, and the hotel is in a safe place. Really, what else you need?

In terms of Wi-Fi, just make sure they have good reception to the local cellphone towers. If they provide free Wi-Fi, that’s great. With good reception, you’ll survive. Besides, you are on holiday or vacation; you should spend more time exploring your destination and less time on the phone.

Walk to Places

If possible, walk to places that are less than five miles and use that extra money for food and perhaps souvenirs for your friends and family. Furthermore, walking is good for your health and it will get you used to the new surroundings. If you do it often, don’t be surprised if you start feeling like you are home.

Off-peak Everything

Plan your holidays during the times no one seems to be interested. If people flood a certain destination during winter, go in summer. When few people travel to a certain destination during a certain period, flights to that destination will be more affordable. You could save around 40% to 50% of what you would pay during peak periods.

Furthermore, flying tickets are more affordable during weekdays from Wednesday to Tuesday. Again, during such times, fewer people are flying, which makes flying tickets less expensive.

It may not be much but the above are surefire ways for saving money to enable you to enjoy your holiday even more with extra cash. Have fun!

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