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Riding a Camel During an Egypt Trip to the Giza Pyramids

egypt toursThe image of riding a camel through the desert brings to mind exotic lands such as Egypt. Travelers appreciate an authentic experience by riding a camel during an Egypt trip to the Giza Pyramids. The trip is more than traveling to a renowned historical site. Riding a camel feels like going back in time. Discover the history of camel riding in Egypt and how this can become an unforgettable adventure for international travelers.

The Arrival of the Camel in Egypt

The dromedary, a one-humped camel, was believed to be seen in Egypt during the Early Dynastic Period. However, the locals did not use the camel for transportation until many years into the future. Then foreign conquerors, such as Alexander the Great, brought more camels to Egypt. Under the Persians and during the Ptolemaic Period, the Bactrian, or two-humped camel, was the primary means of transportation through the desert. Images of both are often seen in promotional materials about Egypt and life in the desert.

Camels and the Desert

For thousands of years, people have used camels to get around in the desert. These long-legged mammals store fat in their hump or humps, which they metabolize when water and food are not readily available. Camels have long lashes and a third eyelid to protect their eyes from the flying sand. They can also close their nostrils. Known as “ships of the desert,” camels can carry up to 600 pounds. Besides transporting people, camels are used to bring food, milk, and textiles to the desert regions of Egypt. Other mammals could not endure the high temperatures and dry conditions in the desert. Camels have a metabolism that is suited to this unusual climate.

Egypt toursThe Wonder of the Giza Pyramids

For thousands of years, people have wondered how ancient natives built the majestic Giza Pyramids. The existence of the pyramids in Egypt is one of the biggest mysteries in the world. These incredible tombs were built over 4,500 years ago. The pharaohs of Egypt expected to become gods after death. The pyramids are tombs filled with what a ruler would need to take care of himself in the afterlife. Viewing some of these artifacts is a reflection of what was valued during this time in history. The Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu is the largest in Giza. It stands about 481 feet above the plateau. A camel ride to the Giza Pyramids makes it possible to slowly soak in all the amazing views.

Camel Riding to the Giza Pyramids

Riding a camel to the pyramids turns an Egypt trip into a memorable adventure. Travelers go back in time as they ride a camel through the desert and view the pyramids constructed thousands of years ago. Camels are available for hire when people get to the area of the Giza Pyramids. However, these camels can be costly, and guides may take travelers deep into the desert to collect higher fees. Luxury Egypt tours often include a camel ride to the pyramids in the package deal. Going with a tour group is a safer way to take the journey on the back of a camel. People who choose to take a spontaneous camel ride might want to inquire about services at their hotel. Avoid dealing with guides who seem to be looking to charge high prices or will not discuss the extent of the tour.

Basics of Riding a Camel

The guide teaches travelers how to ride the camel in less than an hour. People should wear light, long pants and shirts with a hat and sunglasses to protect their faces during this desert ride. Much like camels protect themselves from heat, sun, and flying sand, so should a camel ride. Be aware of the desert conditions and how to dress for comfort. To get on, the camel sits and gets mounted on the side. The ride can be a bit uncomfortable on the tailbone for newcomers. Be prepared to relax in a warm bath or shower after the ride. When riders are ready to get off, the camel sits down, and they step away from the mammal. Much like horseback riding, the guide helps riders figure out the best way to handle the camel as they journey through the desert to the pyramids.

Viewing the Giza Pyramids in-person is an unforgettable experience. Turn it into the ultimate adventure by riding a camel to the pyramids. Feel like you are riding into an incredible period of history as you experience the rare wonders of the Giza Pyramid and surrounding desert firsthand.

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