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Recommended Places to Visit in India for Culture and Natural Beauties

incredible IndiaFrom beautiful sandy beaches to freezing cold, snow-covered mountains - taking in bustling markets and quiet monasteries on the way - India has something for everyone. Yet when visiting India, you don’t want to miss out on the best parts.

So, here is a great list of places to visit broken down into those surrounded by two of the best things India has to offer: incredible nature and incredible culture. Enjoy.

Culture: Varanasi

culture varanasi

Varanasi is the holiest city of the Hindu religion. Full of locals, tourists and religious devotees, this city is completely alive with the cultural heritage of India.

As its oldest continuously occupied city, Varanasi offers great insight into the culture of India.

Nature: Munnar

Tea plantations are everywhere, but it is the natural beauty of the rolling hills that grabs the attention. Hard to reach, this town provides a great escape from some of the more popular tourist destinations around the country.

Culture: Mumbai

If you want to get a feel of modern Indian life, then visit Mumbai. Mumbai mixes opulent wealth with real poverty. As a glimpse into India, it's impressive and should you forego the splendour of the best Indian hotels, the locals will welcome you, too.

Something of Both: Ladakh

From snow-covered hills to Buddhist monasteries, this region in the far North offers a lot for both nature and culture lovers, from the Leh Palace to Buddhist monasteries nestled in the hills.

Nature: Kovalam

If after all that walking you feel like you need a rest, the beautiful beaches of Kovalam offer the perfect resting spot. This town is also known as the paradise of the south, and after setting foot on the sandy beaches you will see why.

Something for Everyone: Rajasthan

From the palaces of Jaipur and Ajmer-Pushkar to the lakes of Udaipur, India's largest state really does live up to its name as "the land of kings". With the Indus Valley civilization, too, time will disappear in Rajasthan.

Culture: Auroville

A dream township, perhaps: this experimental project has bought together 2,200 people of 43 nationalities to live apart from politics and religion. Dominated by the Matrimandir, this township is definitely worth a visit.

Nature: Thenmala

As the first planned eco-tourism destination in India, Thenmala has the natural beauty of the forest area combined with a number of possibly activities from boating to trekking.

Something for Everyone: Shimla

With its neo-gothic architecture, thick forest and mountainous terrain, Shimla is a place of rare beauty. Man-made and natural mesh together seamlessly across the 7 spurs the city sits upon. Well worth a visit just for the breath-taking views.

So these are just a few of the amazing sights dotted around the vast country of India. From the mountains of the North to the beaches of the South, India is a land of differences and each place you visit will bring another surprise.

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