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Reasons to Travel to Madagascar

Visiting an unspoiled island in the Indian Ocean is the reason to apply for a visa for Madagascar! This magnificent island not only offers you a break from everyday life, but it will also change the way you think about travelling. With that said, what are the main reasons you need to travel to Madagascar?

Visit some of the island’s strangest animals

One of the animals that make Madagascar a fabulous place to visit is the giant jumping rat. If you have watched the animated film Madagascar, you would know what this creature looks like. This animal looks like a cross between a cat and dog but can’t be classified as either. Being one of the largest island carnivores, it is a great sight to see as it looks like a large rabbit and jumps on its hind legs.

Take a walk among a pirate graveyard

Being an island, Madagascar was the perfect place for pirates to dock their ships. This secluded island boasts the only pirate graveyard in the entire world. This graveyard will give you some valuable insight into the life of pirates and how they conducted business.

Take a peek at how turtles live

If you love spending time in the water, Madagascar won’t disappoint! You will, however, have company as the turtles are quite curious and love showing tourists their way of life. This will also give you a tranquil look into the unspoiled coral reefs and sea life to experience when snorkeling.

Experience nature at its best in the Masoala National Park

The Masoala National Park protects its travelers with a 30m high canopy filled with all sorts of forest life. The forest gets about 6000mm or rain every year and the vibrant greens of the forest can confirm that. All animals found here are protected and if you are lucky, you might just spot one peeking out at you from under the bushes!

Take a ride on the VikoViko

The VikoViko is a one-of-a-kind train that was built in 1930 and chuffs along on rubber tires – something not seen often in today’s world. Since Madagascar is the place where you will find sights and things to see you won’t find anywhere else, the Viko can certainly be added to the list.

Visit the largest city in Madagascar

Antananarivo, the largest city in Madagascar, offers tourists and travelers a sight like none other. You can visit each of the 3 sections the city is divided in to experience this island in its full glory. With such a rich history, each cobblestone of this city has a tale to tell. The downtown and intermediate levels of the city is home to many of Madagascar’s middle-class residents and create a vibrant array of cultures. The upper area of the city is where you are able to view royal palaces, cathedrals and take a peek into what living as a royal is all about.

Walking between the Baobabs trees

If you want nature to give you something alluring to think about, you can walk between the famous Boababs trees that line the dirt road in western Madagascar. What makes this particular stretch of road an amazing tourist attraction is the fact that about 25 Baobab trees stand 260 meters tall and graces eager eyes with their presence? For those who might find this a great photography shot, you would need to tread carefully through the surrounding pastures in order to get the perfect picture. But with such a unique natural sight, no pasture is too torturous to endure if you want to experience what treasures Madagascar has to hide in the confines of its island beauty.

Build an appetite with truly authentic Madagascar cuisine

If you thought the only reason to come to Madagascar was for sightseeing, you’d better think again! Madagascar boasts cuisine left behind by French colonialists and is sure to build you a great appetite. When dining at one of the many traditional restaurants on the island, you can choose from a variety of foods which include crayfish, sushi and for the brave a delicacy such as frog’s legs.

Many tourists believe that Madagascar is a living museum and will go to the ends of the earth to protect its wildlife. After all, when you read the above to apply a visa for Madagascar, the only thing left for you to do is to pack your bags and go on an adventure to this magnificent island filled with wonder!

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