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Problems Indian Bikers Face on Roads

Did you know that India has one of the largest shares of two-wheeler population in the world? Bikers in other countries may have issues like over-speeding and inability to ride during winters due to the snow. However, in India, our bikers have a unique set of challenges. Some of them may seem silly, but they are actually very serious when it comes to facing them daily in real life. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you buy two wheeler insurance to protect your vehicle and yourself from unforeseen calamities.

Following are a few problems unique to Indian bikers.

  • Potholes

In most big cities, the roads are filled with potholes. Some of them are so huge that your bike can actually get stuck in them. Others are so deep that they cause you to lose balance, which in turn can be fatal, especially if you are in a fast-moving traffic lane. A helmet is a mandate when you are riding a two wheeler, and in such a situation it may act as a life-saver. It is recommended you buy two wheeler insurance so you do not need to pay from your pocket in case of any incidents involving your bike.

  • Monsoons

Metros like Mumbai and Chennai have a dedicated rainy season. The infrastructure of these cities is such that within a few hours of heavy rainfall, low lying areas start flooding. The water level rises and obscures all road breaks, potholes, and speed bumps. This is potentially fatal if you are riding a two wheeler, as you would not know when your bike is going to fall into a pothole. Added to these are bus and car drivers that zip past quickly, drenching bikers from head to toe with muddy rain water. If it is raining too heavily, it is recommended to use an alternate means of transport to commute. An active bike insurance policy as a safeguard is also advised. You can easily apply for online bike insurance.

  • Other obstacles

In India, if you leave your bike parked in a public place, it would not be a surprise to see strange people sitting on your bike, having tea and conversing, or even a dog curled up on your bike. These people do not have any regard for personal property. Some of them may be miscreants who may try to steal your bike or rip off the manufacturer’s label and sell it elsewhere. Another problem is animals, who roam around unattended frequently on the roads. Dogs and cows running haphazardly on busy roads increase the chances of an accident for riders. A helmet can protect you to some extent from personal injuries, but your bike insurance policy acts as a savior here by insuring your bike against damages as well as loss due to theft. Use bike insurance calculator available on multiple sites online to decide on the suitable premium for yourself.

Problems faced by Indian bikers are aplenty and may seem funny. However, getting good bike insurance and protecting yourself and your vehicle is a wise solution. While it may not solve the problems themselves, it will definitely help you cope with them more easily.

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