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Popular New York City Hotels in 2014

If you ever need a change of scenery for whatever reason, then checking out some of the popular New York City hotels may just be for you. New York hotels are perfect if you want that delicate balance between old world charm and pampering, and modern day conveniences. Two of the most popular hotels of this kind are the Night Hotel Times Square, and The Bentley Hotel.

1. Night Hotel Times Square (NHTS)


Known for its fantastic bar, free Internet and great location in the Theatre District, Manhattan, New York City, United States, the Night Hotel Times Square is one of NYC’s most popular and favorably rated hotels. It offers its guest a host of amenities as a part of its luxurious 4-star experience. These amenities include access to its first class fitness center, restaurant and bar, and valet parking, among others. The hotel’s ideal location leaves it in close proximity to Times Square, Radio City Music Hall and The Museum of Modern Art (approximately ten minutes), as well as, a lot of other famous New York City sites.

2. The Bentley Hotel

The Bentley Hotel

Located in Upper Eastside NYC, The Bentley Hotel is one of the best. The hotel is famed for its perfect blend of rural and urban charm with its river views and modern facilities. Suited to the modern day business man and woman, communal amenities include a fitness center, Wi-Fi, a restaurant and bar and meeting rooms. Additionally, each room is equipped with a TV, telephone, desk, mini bar and more. This hotel is close to city attractions such as the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, Weill Cornell Medical College and Bloomingdale’s.

3. Hotels and Apartments


In addition to the NewYork hotels that are available right across the city, there are also luxurious, exclusive hotels which visitors to New York can also use as their base. Some visitors may opt for apartments because they are perceived as more private and offering more freedom-such as being able to cook for yourself thanks to having your own kitchen. These apartments include Litas New York Apartments, and Uptown Hamilton Deluxe, A and B. These apartments receive an average 4-star rating.

4. Litas New York Apartments

Litas New York Apartments

A great base for those persons visiting NYC, these apartments are centrally located (Manhattan). Amenities include free Wi-Fi and parking, along with family rooms and seating areas for each apartment. Litas apartments are housed on a property located approximately 20 minutes from major attractions like Central Park, Broadway and Times Square.

5. Uptown Hamilton Deluxe, A And B

Rated 4-star by visitors, these deluxe apartments provide the ultimate in comfort, luxury and convenience. Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere characteristic of these apartments, and the central location, visitors are able to better enjoy the fast paced attractions of the city with very little hustle or bustle.

The most popular NYC hotels can be found online via a simple web search at There you will find visitor reviews and information on the hotel’s happenings. Additionally, you may be able to book the hotel or apartment of your choice right there online, which is very convenient.[youtube]

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