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Perfume Selection: Tips and Tricks

Finding a perfect perfume that will be completely associated with you is the dream of every woman. Everyone would like the aroma to capture, tempt, and quickly spread in the room. However, these are not the only criteria for selecting your perfect perfume. Some people manage to find their scent easily. Once having chosen it, they do not betray and use their aroma for many years. If you are from the opposite army and cannot select the fragrance to wear comfortably, we will help you with the mission.

How to Select a Perfect Perfume?

Choosing a perfume is not everything; it is more complicated to wear a scent so that it fully opens on your skin. In this post, we will tell you a little about the features and types of perfumes for your better understanding of how to combine and wear it.

Types of Perfumes

There are three main types of perfumes:

  • The first type is concentrated fragrance; it is usually sold in very small bottles of 15 ml. A small drop of the concentrated perfume is enough for the easy-to-smell-out scent that is very strong and long-lasting. Taking into account the concentration of aromatic substances, this type of fragrance is expensive and not sold in regular online stores.
  • The second type is eau de parfum; it is also called day-time perfume since the concentration of aromatic substances is less “aggressive” in it. This fact explains why eau de parfum is much cheaper and is sold in large packages.
  • The third type is toilet water. The flavors of aromatic substances are the lightest here; the scent of toilet water is not long-lasting or obtrusive. You will never get tired of toilet water.

When selecting a perfume, you should pay attention to its type first. Do you need a strong and long-lasting scent or having toilet water will be enough for you? At the next step, you are to check the aroma of perfumes. At this point, you shouldn’t pay attention to famous names, such as Kenzo, Gucci, Givenchy – these are just brands. Your mission is to pick a scent you really like.

The smell of fragrance consists of 3 layers. The first one is the easiest; it evaporates in 15 minutes. As a general rule, the first scent is of citrus and flowers – it is the lightest one. The second one is the “middle” scent; it is also called the heart scent. It is this fragrance that keeps with us all the time when we wear perfume. And the third scent is the so-called daisy aroma. We feel it at the end of the day, when we come home in the evening, undress, and feel this smell. Therefore, it is wrong to select fragrance by smelling out its aroma in the store or sprinkling it on a cardboard strip. Otherwise, you will just waste money and get bored of the scent quickly.

How to Apply and Store Perfume?

You need to splash the perfume on your wrist or elbow. After six-eight hours the perfume on your skin, you will understand whether the scent is comfortable for you. It is also necessary to take into consideration the fact that your body also has its own specific odor, which can give an unusual combination when mixed with perfume. Therefore, it is very important to wear the fragrance for some time and feel how your body is in contact with it. Similarly, experts do not recommend to smell more than four different perfumes in a row, because our nose can perceive only four aromas clearly.

You should be very careful about storing fragrance. You should in no case let direct sunlight hit it or put it in a warm place. It is necessary to close the lid tightly; otherwise, you risk that your favorite perfume just evaporate and lose its scent.

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