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Pack Your Bag for Bangkok

rfefrewLife should be lived to its fullest and not be wasted in procrastinating about what will come next. If you are someone with this philosophy of life and often find yourself packing your bags to visit the exciting new places all the time. If you are the one who is lured by the history and culture as it gives a sense of soothe to your soul and acts a food for its hunger to explore.

Then a visit to Bangkok will sure add to your excitement. Know your sites to visit when in the city of Bangkok:

  1. Grand Palace- It is a great exhibit of best architectural work of all time. Built in 1782 the Grand Palace served as the residency of the royals for generations. Only in 1946 King Bhumibol Adulyadej moved the capital permanently, after death of his brother King Ananda Mahidol. The compound also has the royal temple Wat Phra Kaew famous for the statue of golden clothed Jade (Emerald) Buddha.
  1. Giant Swing- As a mark of rich customs of Bangkok, a 27m tall Giant Swing made of teak frame stands at the centre of square in-front of Wat Suthat. This was the focus of religious ceremony post rice harvest every year in December, where a team of three will swing 25m and attempt to catch the bag of silver coins in their teeth. This contest was banned by King Rama VII due to series of bad accidents in 1932.
  1. National Museum and Wang Na Palace- If you wish to know about the history of Thailand then come to National Museum. It has the highest collections of the exhibits from all over the Thailand which are labeled in both Thai and English for the convenience of the tourists.Wang Na Palace was built by King Rama I, here the visitors can feed their eyes with collections of Buddha statues, regalia, religious and ceremonial artifacts, musical Instruments, weaponry and Viceroy’s throne.
  1. Wat Pho- This is the temple of Reclining Buddha; here the statue of Buddha is 45m long and 15m high. It has myriad of precious stones with 108 signs of true faith. You cannot do anything but to admire the purity and peace that you can get here.
  1. Wat Traimit- Done with the admiration of Lord Buddha at Wat Pho wait till you reach this temple of Lord Buddha situated in the Chinatown area with the golden statue of Buddha about 3.5m high made from 5.5 tons of solid gold. The statue was initially covered by plaster which was discovered in 1957 when the statue was removed from its place. True period of its origin is not know but is believed to belong to Sukhothai period whereas the temple itself is said to belong to 13th
  1. Damnoen Saduak – It is the world famous Floating Market located about 1.5 hours outside Bangkok in Ratchaburi. Its popularity gave Bangkok the nickname “Venice of the East”. It is the best place to have a different shopping experience and buying fresh and delicious fruits.
  1. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World- If you are curious and love to explore you must visit one of the largest underground aquariums in the Southeast Asia, which houses over 30,000 sea creatures from various depths and aquatic regions of the earth.


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