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Natural Solutions to Small-Bust Size

New Vision Lingerie in Lake Placid, NY. photo by Nancie BattagliaIf you are a small-busted woman, you may wish to consider ways to enhance your bust-size naturally. With the following tips, you can look and feel your best no matter what you happen to be wearing. Your small bust can make a big statement when you keep just a few simple techniques in mind.

Specialty Padded & Push-up Bras

Many small-breasted women have trouble finding padded and push-up bras that fit them without causing gaps and bumps. “Often the problem with these generic bras, particularly in smaller sizes, is that the bra hasn’t been contoured and fitted to the breast of a smaller woman or they simply don’t have your actual size so you have to make do with what is available.” (1) These bras, however, are great solutions for enhancing smaller bust sizes. The key is to visit a specialty lingerie shop that caters to small-busted women. You’ll be able to find a more customized fit for your bra. When these bras fit seamlessly, you’ll notice the enhancement immediately.

Dress to Flatter Your Chest Size

If you have a small bust, consider wearing clothing that enhances your figure. For instance, when you wear light colors on top and dark colors on bottom, you can create a visually appealing balance. “Tops and dresses with ruffles, tiers or embellishments create the illusion of fullness at the bustline” too.” (2) You can also wear tops that tuck or nip in at the waste to create a fuller bust-size appearance.

Get Measured

It’s important for all women to get properly measured before buying a new bra–or, at least get measured once a year. Every woman’s body changes and you may need a different size bra from one year to the next. Whether you measure yourself or ask a shop salesperson to help you, don’t skip this vital step when bra shopping. Wearing the right-sized bra is a natural bust enhancement in itself.

Keep these tips in mind, but don’t forget the most important one of all–small bust-sizes are as sexy as any other. If you adopt the mindset that your chest is beautiful and sexy, that’s exactly what you’ll convey each time you go out.

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