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Moving to Bristol: What You Need to Know

Bristol, a bustling city that straddles the River Avon to the south of England, is famous for its rich maritime history. It is undoubtedly one of the busiest and most vibrant cities in the United Kingdom.

The city is a cultural hub with countless restaurants, shops, and museums to keep locals and visitors alike busy with plenty to do. Bristol thrives on an impressive economy, home to a plethora of commercial businesses, financial institutions, and industrial enterprises, not to mention the major ports and other service sectors. The city enjoys many festivals and is a student hub with two major universities.

So if you’ve got your bags packed to move across the ocean and if your air tickets read the destination as Bristol, here are a few things you need to know about moving to this wondrous city.

Affordable Cost Of Living

It is no secret that Bristol is one of the most affordable cities to dwell in the United Kingdom. The cost of renting out apartments is relatively cheap in areas of Whitchurch, Redland, and Henleaze. Even an apartment in the city center is pretty affordable, at only a little over 800 £ for a one bedroom. The local transport network is an affordable way to get around, and functions like a well-oiled machine. Regular buses run on schedule throughout the day, and the city has an active cycling community with several cycle paths established throughout its sprawl. All in all, it is quite an inexpensive city to live in.

The Job Demographic

Although the economy has had slight setbacks since the recession, the general economy is still going strong. There has been a high demand for knowledge-intensive jobs over the last few years. Bristol is a lucrative place for a start-up to thrive and grow.

The major sectors of employment that can be found here in Bristol are imports and exports, defense, finance, and service. Bristol is home to one of the largest ports that can be found on the coast of the United Kingdom. Hence, it is a no brainer that Portishead is a very busy port, with tons of cargo being exported from and imported every single day, generating billions in revenue each year.

The defense sector is major occupation provider with over 9,000 jobs available in the defense production and service centers. It is interesting to note that some of the nation’s most established companies like GE Capital Solutions, combined with a large number of hedge funds and firms, make Bristol a highly profitable and rapidly growing city. With aeronautics concerns like Boeing and Rolls Royce setting up shop in the city, Bristol is a major contributor to the fields of engineering and specialist aeronautics.

Bristol thus has a very diverse industry market, including numerous restaurants like Bravas and service-based companies like Fox Moving and Storage.

Schooling And Education

Bristol has a well-structured education system that encompasses over a hundred schools, five colleges, and three universities. The schools situated here are some of the best ranked in the country. It is home to the prestigious Bristol University that is among the top 5 universities nationwide.

The universities of Bristol are flocked to by students from around the globe, making for a vibrant and diverse student community. Not only do the students come to pursue higher studies, but to make their careers at Bristol. As such, the city is a hotbed for startups and young entrepreneurs.

Diverse Neighborhoods

Bristol is a mix of several communities and is a colorful place to dwell in. It combines a stunning mixture of nature and modernization. It is architecturally quirky and stylish. The neighborhoods are family friendly, especially the areas of Redland and Clifton.

Horfield is a popular place among the students who stay on after their studies have been completed. In addition, Bristol has an up and developing real estate market with several areas like Southville and Totterdown attracting developers and investors alike to create valuable communities.

Culture And Festivals

Life in Bristol can be incredibly eventful. Not only is the city dotted with shopping malls and bustling city centers, but it also has great cafes and restaurants too. The Cabot Tower provides a great view and insight about the history of the city. The world famous Colston Hall makes for a magical evening of musical delight. The coast and harbors are a delightful spot for music festivals and artists, and you can even spot a rugby enthusiast or twenty tossing the ball around. The annual harbor festival, a fiesta of music, colors, and balloons, brings the city to life with joy once a year.

Thus, it is safe to say that no day in Bristol goes idle. The city is an incredible place for families, students, and young professionals. The neighborhoods are safe and friendly; the schools well-ranked, and plenty. The universities are well-reputed, and job opportunities are aplenty in this kaleidoscope of a city. For the dreamers, poets, and artists too, Bristol provides a rich and colorful vibe. So, it goes without saying that there is something for everyone in Bristol and you’ll feel at home in no time.

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