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Most Common Mistakes People Are Doing at Home

“My whole life was a lie.”

This is a phrase that we all use at some point in life. We believe certain things and base our lives upon what we believe. Later on in life, when there is some new research or when discussing with an educated peer one finds out that things aren’t that way. There’s also certain habits that we develop and get really used to them. Then, you read an article on the internet or hear from a friend about some new discovery they made and you realize that you have been wrong all your life.

Everybody makes mistakes. There’s nothing wrong in making mistakes. The real thing is to correct them when you find out you’re wrong. Changing habits can be very hard but necessary too. Read more about these mistakes here:

  1. Improper temperature control

Closing the vent can seem like a good idea to control the room’s temperature. But, it is not. Most of us don’t have the best of memory and once we close the vent, we often forget to open it again. This a cause a serious effect on the furnace and may cause a malfunction. Resulting in a huge repairing cost. Instead of being lazy and closing the vent, one should go down to the furnace to change the temperature.

  1. Not vacuuming with dusting

Most of us think that the rag is enough to wipe all the dust. The rag takes some dust on itself, scatters some into the air while the rest is simply thrown on the floor. The dust in the air also eventually lands on the floor. This leaves bacteria and allergens lurking around the place. We have to understand the fact that vacuuming and dusting go hand-in-hand. A quick vacuum is necessary after dusting for complete cleaning.

  1. Throwing away reusable grocery bags

Things are made reusable are meant to be used again and again. They are made in order to effectively utilize this world’s resources. Not meant to be thrown away after the first use. They have a proper life span. The bag can get dirty and it should be cleaned, not discarded. This is the same as throwing away an appliance while it’s working perfectly.

  1. Getting rid of the pet in case of an allergy

We all love animals. Dogs, parrots, cats, hamsters, pigeons, we love them all. What most of us do if one of us is allergic to pets, we get rid of it. We should never do that. We have to get rid of the allergy not our pet. Pets have equal rights to stay in our house as anyone else. Getting rid of the allergy is really easy but taking the pet away is really hard. Use a pet air purifier.

This cleans the air of the fur and the dust created by the pets. The odor is also taken care of. This takes the allergy out of the house as the air is pure of the allergens and you can safely play with your pet. Readmore infoon this before you decide to get rid of your pet.

  1. Not Checking Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are the first thing that cause a fire alert. This alarm is necessary to save many lives. Therefore, this alarm needs to be maintained properly too. The alarm doesn’t ring very often so we forget about it. The detector should be checked monthly and the batteries replaced twice a year to keep it in proper working condition should a fire occur.

  1. That big pile of ironing

Most of us, well, almost all of us hate the ironing that we have to do every Sunday. It takes up most of the holiday and is such a tedious job that some of us tun away from it. We leave the clothes one week, then the next, then the next and at the end of the month end up ironing each and every thing in the wardrobe because it’s been used now.

A common mistake we make is we iron the clothes that are “too dry”. Some fabrics need to be a little damp to get the creases right. Some dry clothes take a lot of time to iron. Be careful with that. Spray a little water on them and that’ll make your job a whole lot easier.

  1. Not making your bed

The energy and freshness to be found from sleep is lost to all of us now. We sleep and wake up at the oddest of times. Not sleeping well is one thing. Not attending to the bed is another. Researches show that tiny dust mites live on your bed. A million of these can live on one bed and they can cause asthma. You have to make your bed everyday, making the bed can reduce the moisture and eventually dehydrate these little devils.

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