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Miami: Experiencing the Heat of Florida

There are a few cities in the world that have developed a legendary status. They draw in the attention of the tourists independent of the country they are based. People go to visit Paris and they don't say that they are going to France, beautiful as it may be, its popularity fades compared to the City of Lights. These cities are so packed with things to see and to experience that they stand as independent tourist destinations.

Miami is definitely falls into this category of cities, and its glorious status has been confirmed in various movies, TV shows and documentaries that use it as a setting. We've all heard about Miami and more or less have a basic understanding of the vibe it brings. Still, this is just the exterior. There is so much more to Miami than its "vice" status, and if you have an opportunity to experience it, here are a few things you should definitely check out.

Miami Beach

This is Miami's crown jewel even though it is officially a separate municipality. Miami Beach is located on a separate island connected to do the city through a series of bridges. The photos can tell you more about the beauty of the beach itself, but I'm going to tell you about one more important place that is located in Miami Beach, The Art Deco Building. With its authentic 1930s beauty, it is a place that you shouldn't pass on.

Bayside Marketplace

If shopping is important to you, then you are surely going to have a blast at the Bayside Marketplace. It is an outdoors mall that attracts both tourists and locals, so if you want to mingle with Miami residents, this is the place to go to. With over 150 shops, you are sure to find something interesting to buy. The atmosphere is also ideal for relaxation, and you don't even have to go there to shop.

Little Havana


This is the Cuban district of Miami and is there to offer you an authentic taste of Cuban culture. You can try Cuban cuisine, enjoy the passionate music and shops. The whole district has a unique feel and is decorated with murals while the bustling life of the locals keeps flowing around you. Yes, it is a perfect place to sit down, have a cup of coffee and soak in the atmosphere.

Miami Seaquarium

Ok, when it comes to family entertainment, it can hardly get any better than this. The Seaquarium has daily shows that include killer whales, dolphins, seals and other animals. There are a lot more animals that you can see in the observation tanks. They are also active participators in the movement to save the endangered manatees, and if you are lucky, you might even have a chance to gaze upon these beautiful creatures.

Miami Nightlife


Ok, we all know Miami has a crazy nightlife, but Miami is a big city, so where do you go? Here are some suggestions:

South Beach - If you enjoy electronic music and want to find a place to party hard, the South Beach is your best bet. Notable Clubs: Mansion; Set;

Downtown - If you are in for a more laid back atmosphere then the oldest part of Miami is a place for you. Notable Locations: Tobacco Road; DRB; The Vagabond;

Coconut Groove - If you are more a bar crawl kind of person, there is no better place for your crawl than the Coconut Groove. Filled with college bars and a mixed crowd of locals, tourists and students, it guarantees a great time. Notable Locations: Monty's Raw Bar; Sandbar Sports Grill;

Things to keep in mind

Miami isn't the cheapest of places ,but you can save quite a bit if you travel there during the weekdays. If you travel by car, you might want to make parking arrangements beforehand so you don't end up stuck with your vehicle or paying too much for it. Not all beaches and beach crowds are the same, so pay attention before you settle down. Check the weather before you travel so you can pack accordingly and don't be afraid to explore. You should experience Miami first hand and on your own terms. Have fun and happy traveling.

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