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Melbourne – Merging with the Night

If there is one place you have to be at night in Australia, it must be Melbourne. No other place will give you the same satisfaction, fun, and excitement as it. Well, we have France in Paris, Nevada in the U.S, perhaps Macao, China, but none of these places compares to Melbourne. The reason is mainly the people and their lifestyle. Let me show you what you’ll be missing if you are in Australia and chose to spend your time anywhere else.

One of the Most Beautiful Places in Australia, if not the Most Beautiful One

We’ll discuss daytime stuff some other day in another article, but in this one, Melbourne is the most beautiful place in Australia as far as the night is concerned. Just a few years ago, the nightlife was somewhat stale in this particular city because people misbehaved more than they had fun with friends and family.

However, things changed as guys matured. And the law matured with them because recently, as the city opened its petals to embrace the warm sun of a fresh year, the Victorian Labor government made it legal for the night networks to operate during the weekends, which means that you can party all night long without worrying about transportation.

Not only is there 24 hour clubbing and discotheques in Melbourne, but you also have a variety of choices of the things you can do at night, including visiting one of the coolest museums in the world, Melbourne Museum. The city hosts some of the most fascinating and thrilling exhibitions and theatre performances not just in Australia but the entire world. It is a place filled with culture; mouthwatering cuisines, music that would make the sirens jealous, magical art exhibitions and festivals, great street art, and a young and vivacious atmosphere.

Australia is a land filled with people without unnecessary cultural boundaries like gender roles. Women ask men out, and men ask women out. On dates, women will insist on paying for the meal if they initiated the event, and are still comfortable taking care of the bill in other situations. There is true equality in this place. Now, this liberal attitude coupled with the lively nature of Melbourne turns that city into a place to die for. At night, Melbourne becomes heaven on earth.

If you are into casinos, gambling, and gaming, there is also a place for you. Albeit not necessarily unique to Melbourne but the whole of Australia, you will find interesting casinos in this city. Free bonuses are an excellent example of typical Australia-Casino games. Aussies love and are accustomed to deposit free bonuses, which are bonuses awarded completely free. No strings attached. You pay nothing. The casinos give you some FREE cash to get you started on your game. I can’t stress enough how free these casino bonuses are.

Furthermore, the nightlife in Melbourne is not just for adults. Of course, it is ideal for adults and even recommended, but in case you would like to have late night events with your kids or family, you can. The restaurants and bars serve food late at night; it is one of the requirements for operating during those late hours.

The idea is to encourage a friendly atmosphere where friends and family can spend time together. And this idea does not stop with bars and restaurants; even casinos have family-friendly zones. In casinos, children are only prohibited from gambling zones but can access other child-friendly areas.

No one should tell you that you should choose your locations carefully if you intend to bring your kids along on a late night event. Some places will always be preferable to others when it comes to family-based occasions.

Australia inhabits one of the most culturally diverse people on this planet. It is one of the few places on earth you will go and feel completely accepted, and where you fit without being coerced in any way, manner or form. Ever heard, “work hard and party harder!” This is the philosophy of the Aussies in Melbourne, and pretty much the whole of Australia – it’s just that the ones in Melbourne are better at it.

There is karaoke, movie theaters, bowling, jungle safaris, casinos, pool, golf, ping-pong, indoor bocce, among others. Complementing all these is some awesome music facilitated by some of the world’s most renowned musicians and DJ’s. If you are part of the species that likes to watch sports in bars with strangers while shouting your lungs out, Melbourne is the perfect habitat for you. You’ll find others of your kind whom together you can shout at the screen the whole night long, carefree. There are also live band performances, and one of the places you must visit for this is the Melbourne Museum. It’s magical and mind-blowing. The cool music in the background as you fool around with the exhibits in the Museum is Amazing!

The rest is up to your imagination. If you are the party animal I think you are, I’m sure you’ll find ways of having a blast and making long lasting memories in Melbourne. If I’ve done my part well, I don’t think you need any further convincing. Have fun!

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