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Making the Most out of a Budget Winter Holiday

It's that time of the year again: Christmas! Many of you are probably busy making plans for revelry and family time. While you may (and should!) be thinking about others, it's also a great time to think about your next holiday. You may be thinking, "I'm already spending too much on gifts", but your next holiday doesn't have to be expensive. Here are three places that offer cheap holidays, without compromising on a good time.



Ibiza is known as a sun and fun destination, and during the summer months the prices are as high as the temperature. However, during the winter months, Ibiza becomes much more affordable to visit. For starters, flights are cheaper, and once you get there, the price of food and drink is less than the peak season. You can also stay in hotels and hostels for a much lower price than in the summer. Furthermore, you're not visiting at the same time as millions of other tourists, making the experience more intimate. If you're looking for a party, fear not, as a few of the big clubs do stay open. The real appeal is seeing another side of the island, a more authentic side if you will. There's the amazing Old Town, where locals enjoy the many markets and festivals that place in the winter, like Ibiza Rocks the Snow. There's also the breath-taking landscape, unsullied without a horde of partygoers.


Whether you go in the summer or the winter, Bulgaria is a perfect place for a cheap holiday. Compared to western European countries, the price of food, drink, and lodging, is shockingly inexpensive. If you get the itch to travel around the country, the price of trains or buses is also quite cheap, making it an easy place to go around and explore. There are no shortage of museums and art galleries (National Museum of Natural History, Sofia City Art Gallery), but some of the most fascinating works of art are free to view, in plain sight in the many churches and monasteries. If you prefer a more outdoorsy holiday, there are more than seven diverse mountain ranges across the country. It's a haven for hikers, where an extensive system of trails shows off the country's rich landscape. Best of all, it's free.

The Algarve


Portugal's premier holiday destination is known for many things, but being cheap is not one of them. The weathered cliffs and golden beaches have drawn visitors in for many years, all willing to pay a premium to experience it for themselves. However, inner Algarve and the west coast are another story, where bland tourist traps are swapped out with castle towns and flower covered hillsides. Here, prices are much more affordable, not to mention the experience is more authentic. It's a wonderful thing to walk through the historic villages, and have some delicious Portuguese dishes, all with the Algarve countryside in view.

These three destinations all have their own appeal, but they all have one thing in common. They don't cost a lot to experience. So save up and get ready, soon you'll be making the most out of your budget holiday.

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