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London Travel Guide - From Nature to Nightlife

Tower Bridge in London EnglandFrom top-notch theaters and pubs to world heritage sites, London has everything to be called a leading global city attracting some 15 million visitors every year. The capital offers a number of shopping sprees and plethora of cuisines that will definitely leave a mark on you. To enrich your London experience with entertainment, fun, and surprises, here is a travel guide that includes all the places to see and activities to do in the capital.

Parks and Gardens

Are you feeling exhausted after experiencing the hustle and bustle of the city? Whether you want a short leisurely walk through a flowering rose garden or a park-like environment for recreational activities, the city has everything in store for you. Hyde Park and its neighbor Kensington Gardens are quite popular where you can experience unusual plants and flowers. Home to London Zoo, Regent’s Park is also preferred by visitors for its natural aromas and beautiful landscape.


Unlike any other city, London becomes even more vibrant once the sun goes down. From rooftop bars to pub theaters, to late nightclubs, the city has everything to make your night a memorable one. Ministry of Sound, Koko and Tipsy Bar are some of the best nightclubs to have an unpretentious night out in the capital. Whereas, rooftop bars like Boundary Rooftop and Sushisamba (bar) are perfect to savor cocktails overlooking breath-taking views. If you want to catch a play whilst having your favorite cocktail, pub theaters in the capital never disappoint.


Whether you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine, traditional British food or any Italian dish, the city is chock full of eating spots where you can fulfill your culinary wishes. Some of the eateries include drive-in restaurants, coffee houses, fast-food chains, and pancake houses. With a rich culinary culture, the city is gaining a title of world's best city for gourmets.


Butler service, perfectly designed rooms, and reasonable prices - all these things come to your mind when you think of your accommodation. Favorably, London has everything from lavish villas to bed and breakfast accommodation to ensure you have a comfortable stay. The capital proves to be a real gem, when it comes to serve luxury guests too. Be it uniquely designed boutique hotels, corporate hotels, or kids-friendly accommodations, the city promises to offer personalized services to complement every taste and budget. In addition, mystery hotels are a new concept, which allow you to book an accommodation in London at incredibly low rates. The key is to keep the hotel name be a secret, until the booking is confirmed.


Are you addicted to shopping? If yes, then you have come to the right place. London has plenty of bustling markets that ensure you a pleasurable and funky shopping experience. From unique antiques to fashion wear, the capital has everything and anything you could possibly desire. Some of the best markets for fashion shopping are Covent Garden, Spitalfields Market (for antique lovers), Oxford Street ( for high street fashion), Borough Market (foodies' heaven), and Portobello Road.


For a majority of travellers, Tube is a great way to travel around the city and keep your expenses low. This public transit system has a vast network, serving 12 underground lines. To save a great deal of money and avoid the queues, consider buying an Oyster card for travel. However, it is advised not to travel during rush hours (6am-10am), if possible.


There are plenty of family-friendly attractions in capital, which host interesting activities to entertain kids and adults alike. London Zoo, in Regents Park, has a collection of 755 species enough to attract any traveller visiting the capital with kids. If your kid's desire doesn't end here, then London Aquarium is your next destination. This place allows you to watch the sharks and other sea creatures that can attract the kid's attention easily.


Explore everything and spend nothing! It sounds impossible but is true when it comes to explore London's culture and history as most of the museums in the capital have free entry. Be it a renowned British Museum or the Natural History Museum, the capital allows you to discover millions of historic artifacts for free. Don't forget to visit Science Museum, which is also hard to ignore for its hundreds of interactive exhibits.


With so much stored in the historicity of London, a trip is not enough for tourists to explore whole of sightseeing. Much in order to meet the limitations and narrate your travel to friends and family when you go back home, a few mentions are must. London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge are attractions that you must not miss on your London trip.

No matter how frequently you travel to London, but you can never say you've explored all of it. However, this travel guide will help discover the best of the capital in a less time.

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