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London Soho: A place of Unimaginable Fun

rdtgrdFrom what generally people think about Soho is that it is the traditionally touristic spot of the central London for a while. Unlike the Accommodation near Brewery Road, there are more than a few lovely hotels in the area, the nightlife of that place is pretty legendary, and it is also quite convenient to many of London's most popular tourist attractions. If you are LGBT supporter then it is a bonus for you like the historic "gayborhood" of London is located here (where many gay bars are positioned, most of them along the Old Compton Street). But the new perception is a lot of London's gay life has moved further out (in to the east and to the south), but don't worry guys Soho is still the same Soho and will likely always be a safe and prominent, gay place in the London..

It is actually quite curious to see the Soho in a bit more detail because there is a famous book on the gay life, The Swimming Pool Library by the Alan Hollinghurst. It is a fictional story of young gay man's life living in the city of London before AIDS crisis. There were some interestingly seriously sexy scenes. But what was immediately obvious from the novel is the locations and places mentioned in the book as many of them was the famously in London Soho, and some even are easily recognizable. Let's go ahead from the Gay culture, as we all know that travelling to the places found in pop culture will always make trips meaningful. And Soho is just like that.

From Oxford Street to the Trafalgar Square, the whole area is no doubt full of tourists. But it simply doesn't mean that we should ignore those streets. Often, it is just the matter of knowing where we have to go and which restaurant or place is a bit more authentic or local. You will definitely don't know that the Soho neighbourhood has storied past. May be you are familiar with that once it was the seedier part of the London, sex shops and full of neon signs, underground clubs, and the drug dealers. But these days, the area is much cleaner, and perhaps it has lost a lot of its edge, but my observation is there are still plenty of cool attractions left in this part of the town. Through the article, we are not claiming that we are Soho experts but below written highlights are enough to make your trip to Soho a memorable.

Foyle's Bookstore

It is really a little awkward that London's Soho neighbourhood seems to have a close ties with the literary world. There you will find out several bookstores but the biggest and popular is Foley's at 107 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0DT. This place is one of the rare book stores of the city that has an awesome and giant collection of books. It is one of the favourite independent shop in the area.


One of the big reasons to many for hanging out in the London Soho has got to be Chinatown. London's Chinatown is located between Wardour and the Lisle Streets, mostly along the Gerrard Street, not far from the Piccadilly Circus and The Montcalm at brewery London city. During the day time, the area can be pretty lively with lots of colours and the strange scents. The shop windows here are filled with the foreign foods. But hot favourite time to visit is after a West End show when the restaurants of the area are starting to close.

The Photographer's Gallery

If you have been to London many times and done a fair bit of shopping on the Oxford Street but in case you will never made it inside to The Photographer's Gallery before whose address is 16-18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW then plan to be in it this time. The gallery space was quite impressive and each exhibition inside you saw has something special and emotional in it. There after you can also managed to spend an hour at the free museum. One of the hot favourite and upcoming events there is Human Rights Human Wrongs Photo Exhibition.


Dishoom that is located at 12 Upper St. Martin's Lane, London WC2H 9FB is Indian restaurant styled as the "Bombay café" with handful of locations across London. Needs a treat here then the reservations are usually necessary but if you stumbled on a weekday afternoon then you had no problem in getting a table. The food here was delicious and also surprisingly affordable. Plus the waiters inside were cute and super friendly too. Suggestion is go there for completely different food taste.

Caffé Nero

It is a pleasure full gay gay place that is located at the address Old Compton Street in Soho. It is pretty much the heart place of "gay Soho." The Caffê Nero set at 43 Frith St London W1V 5TE on street corner with the Frith Street is a pretty much the centre point of the gay life in Soho. The coffee inside here is good and the sidewalk tables are some of the prime people watching locations.

Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre

There are number of different shows in the Soho and the West End area that are worth checking out. And they are so much so that it can be a confusing to decide which ones to go to. Many of them are the London staples that have been there around for years and all the half price ticket booths around the Leicester Square make it completely difficult to decide. But if you are familiar about the Miss Saigon at Prince Edward Theatre that is positioned at 28 Old Compton Street, London W1D 4HS then no need think twice about to attend it. The music here is fun and engaging, on the other hand the set design is incredible and finally the story has all the required dramatic and comic elements that make any story worth seeing again and again.

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