Travel and living

Life-Changing Ideas to Consider

If you are one of those who are not exactly happy with your life as it stands right now, all it takes is a little courage and a great plan. It’s never been easier to sell up, book a flight and start a new life and there are many ways that you can transform your life. Here are just a few ideas that you might like to consider if you’re looking to change your lifestyle.

  • Become a farm worker – If you aren’t really into possessions and feel drawn to nature, why not go and work in New Zealand or Australia as a farm hand. It’s really easy to travel and work in Australia and if you can ride a horse and are physically fit, a cowboy’s life awaits! Many young people opt for a couple of years in a natural environment before embarking on a career; there are farms in South Africa where you can work a season – a Google search will help you find a labour agency that can facilitate your request.
  • Live Off the Grid – If you live in the US or Canada, it is quite easy to live in a remote area, indeed, many young families have chosen to live full-time in their log cabin in Alaska or BC and they hunt and fish and provide for themselves in a totally self-sufficient way. This is not something you can take lightly and you would be surprised at how many singles and couples would rather live this way. It is very hard work but the benefits are there if you prefer to live in harmony with nature.
  • Become a Biker – Check out the stunning range of sports-tourers at Wheels Motorcycles, where you can book a test ride of your dream machine. Aside from the thrill of riding a powerful superbike, it does give you a level of freedom and independence and you are sure to combine touring with camping, should you invest in a big bike. Every April, you can look forward to uncovering your bike and preparing it for a summer that includes touring various parts of the UK and those Bank Holidays can be penciled in as camping adventures. If you join a biking community, you’re bound to meet likeminded people and expand your friends list and if you are into motor racing, there are a few major events in the UK during the months of June, July and August, with the Isle of Man TT Races being the most popular for touring bikers.
  • Change your Career Path – Whatever it is that you do, cruise ships probably require your services and if you are under 30, there are some great career opportunities for outgoing people with a degree of responsibility. You could take an online course that leads to certification as a personal trainer, which would be globally recognised, empowering you to work anywhere in the world. Why not train to be a Pilates instructor? This unique exercise program is so popular here in the UK. All you need if a healthy body and a desire to become a good teacher, plus distance learning is very convenient. A Google search will help you find an established institution that offers such courses and after some research, you can choose the certification that works for you.
  • Join the Military – If you are under 25, there are great career opportunities in the army, navy and air force. Of course, you have to be eligible (physical examination and IQ test) and pass the entrance exam, then there’s the basic training, which is more than a little tough! The benefits include seeing the world, learning a trade that will support you later in life and let’s not forget the discipline, which is a major asset. Click here for great camping tips that might come in useful.

It is never going to be easy to leave your comfort zone, yet the rewards are many and if you are unhappy with your life as it is, you have nothing to lose by making a life-changing direction. Check with the UK government regarding Covid-19 prior to planning any travel, as the situation could change at any time and start by making a list of potentially life-changing possibilities and eventually, you will find something that is right for you.

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