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Let’s Take a Tour of the Top 10 Cities in the World

Need to fuel your wanderlust? Want some travel inspiration? Unable to decide where to travel this year? Want to explore the mesmerizing places that are sure to warm the cockles of your heart? So, If you’re looking out for something more exciting, you need to have a look at the top 10 cities in the world. These cities offer a plethora of breath taking pleasures, some of which are natural while others are man-made.

Some cities in the world are exceptionally beautiful that they must be present in the wish list of everyone who loves to travel. However, don’t forget that in order to enjoy your tour to these cities, you must have a valid passport that will allow you enter that city with great ease. Below are the top cities that are not ranked in the order of attractiveness, rather they’ve been ranked randomly.

So, all the wanderlusts out there, go and get your passport and get ready to explore the magnificent places on Earth that are sure to melt your heart away. Have a Look!

  1. Sydney, Australia

Right from the stunning beaches such as Bondi and Manley to the huge Harbour Bridge, Australia never fails to capture the eyeballs of all the wanderlust. The Harbour Bridge is a symbol of the progress made by the Australian Nation. If you want to explore one real masterpiece of modern architecture, you can visit the Royal Opera House in Sydney, which is the biggest opera in the entire world.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the Australia Tourist Visa and get your passport ready and fuel your wanderlust in one of the most beautiful cities.

  1. Paris, la Ville de Lumière

Paris in France is one of the most beautiful cities to go on a vacation. This city, being the city of love and beautiful lights, is one of the best tourist attractions. The ultimate beauty of the Seine River adds inspiring peace and harmony to this place. The magnificent beauty of the Eiffel Tower gives you the most iconic views across the globe. Also, certain places such as Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Le Louvre can help you live the most romantic days of your life with your loved one.

So, plan a trip with your loved one and explore the most expensive avenues in the world. Also, you can taste the most delicious food from the best restaurants.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, also called the “the Paris of the East” is well-known for its bridges and the historical monuments that’ve been beautifully preserved until the date and continue to amaze all the travellers who visit this city. The exceptionally stunning masterpiece i.e. the Castle District and the amazing Bastion monument that offers extensive views above the city are just awesome. Spring is the best time to visit this city, as the clear skies and the moderate temperature is the best combination.

However, if you want to catch the sight of the snow-covered city, you can also consider travelling in the chilli winters. So, why wait? Plan a romantic trip with your partner and get ready to create a galore of memories that will be cherished forever.

  1. News York, United States

New York, the city of skyscrapers is one of the most beautiful cities to spend a vacation with your friends and family. So, if you want to catch the view of the most impressive skylines, you can head towards Manhattan Island. The world trade centre and Chrysler building are amongst the most renowned skyscrapers in New York. So, plan your travel and click a lot of pictures and make it a memorable trip.

Are you a history lover who loves to explore the museums? Well, New York is the best city to have a look at the world’s best museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, American Museum of Natural History and many more.

  1. Rome, Italy

The City standing on a perfect combination of seven hills above the Tibet River is a perfect place to fuel your thirst for travel. Rome offers some of the most beautiful squares and classical architecture in the world. Every year, thousands of travellers explore this wonderful city and catch the sight of the amazing landmarks such as the Vatican City with St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum.

Also, don’t forget to have a look at the picturesque streets and the beautiful houses decorated with unforgettable and beautiful pink roses. Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to plan a visit.

  1. Vancouver, Canada

Once you visit this city, you’re going to fall in love with this wonderful city. The Spectacular mountain range, colourful wildlife and the lush greenery are sure to thrill your heart completely. Moreover, the friendly-attitude of Canadians is sure to make your trip worth it. It’s never too late to plan a vacation with your loved one and create a thousand of memories that you’ll cherish forever.

All you can do is plan your vacation in between June and September that gives you the most reliable and driest weather. Select the best hotels for your stay and live the best days of your life in none other than Vancouver this year.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

The rolling hills of wine yards, spectacular drives, the jaw-dropping mountain range, the stunning beaches and one of the finest dining restaurants are sure to melt your heart. Being one of the most picturesque cities, this year is the most attractive tourist destination to plan your travel this year. Bo-Kaap Suburb in the Central Cape Town is a beautiful paradise that you’ll fall in love with. This suburb is well-equipped with the colourful houses, that makes this beautiful city a photographer’s paradise.

  1. St-Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful and real architectural masterpieces situated in the delta of the second largest river in Europe, Neva. It is the most beautiful city of the Russian Federation. So, don’t miss adding this beautiful and stunning destination to your bucket list if you’re a travel person. The Hermitage Museum is one of the largest museums of the world and is also called the “pearl of Petersburg.” Winters are the best time to plan a visit with your friends and family. So, apply for the tourist visa and visit this wonderful city without any hitch.

  1. Florence, Italy

While Rome, being Italy’s cultural heritage, Florence is also known for its ultimate beauty. So, plan your travel and take a tour of the Cobblestone street and eat the delicious pizzas with exquisite toppings and explore the cathedrals that are going to steal your hearts away. Also, don’t forget to visit the beautiful cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore, that is a cannot-skip.

Have a look at the art galleries, that’re packed with the most exquisite paintings by famous painters and enter heaven without any fuss. So, get your passport ready and fly to this beautiful city this year and amaze your eyeballs.

  1. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is one of New Zealand’s most exquisite and exciting destinations. Surrounded by towering mountains, positioned on the edge of the beautiful lakes, this city is a hub of adventure that can give you immense happiness and joy. If you want to enjoy the finest things in your life, it’s time to craft your perfect itinerary from Queenstown, that is the perfect base to quench your thirst for travel. So, head towards this city and get captivated by the majestic beauty of the surrounding mountains and magical rivers, that are sure to add a dust of magic to your entire trip.

Final Words

Now, you all are aware of the top 10 cities across the world. So, it’s high time to get your passport ready and plan a vacation with your loved ones. Explore the staggering beauty and the heart-pumping thrills that’re waiting for you in these cities. Uncover the Majesty of these beautiful cities and take your travel beyond your imaginations. Choose the best hotels to stay in and make your travel worth it. Gather your courage and discover the top 10 cities and fuel your wanderlust. Good Luck!

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