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Last-minute holiday saving hacks

Travel firms will often add last-minute deals to their website, so it’s a good idea to shop around for the best deal. If you’ve never gone the last-minute route before, it can seem a little daunting – after all, you don’t want to miss out on a holiday altogether. However, if you can keep an open mind and hold your nerve, you’ll likely bag a better break than you might ever have thought possible. There are a few handy tips and tricks that are worth bearing in mind when on the hunt for a holiday bargain – we’ve rounded up a few of best to kick-start your search.

  1. Dabble with different departure dates

How vital is it to depart on your chosen date? If you have a degree of flexibility over when you fly, you’re more likely to snap up a cheap deal, as prices can fluctuate considerably from day to day. For example, if you would ordinarily look for holidays that depart on a weekend, you might save money by jetting off on a weekday instead – research suggests that Friday is the cheapest date to fly. Your best approach is to simply keep an eye on booking websites, making sure to check a selection of dates around your ideal travel period.

  1. Keep an open mind in terms of destination

Are you set on a particular destination? If not, you’re in the best position to find a bargain. By setting your sights on one particular destination, you’re instantly narrowing down the potential deals you might benefit from. Conversely, if you can keep an open mind as to where you might spend your well-earned break, you can cast that proverbial net nice and wide, potentially scooping up a really great deal. Another benefit of this is that you might end up discovering an entirely new destination, somewhere you might not have previously considered. You never know – you might end up finding a new favourite holiday spot.

  1. Consider various departure airports

We all do it – our nearest airport is generally the one we look to fly from. In reality though there might be a handful of other places we could jet off on holiday from. The UK is a pretty small place so it’s likely you’ll be within easy reach of more than one airport and choosing to fly from a different place might make all the difference to your overall holiday price. For example, if you live in Lancashire you might favour Manchester Airport for a departure point, but you could get a better last-minute deal from Blackpool or Liverpool John Lennon.

  1. Jump at the chance of a joint jaunt

If you’ve friends or family with children, they might also be looking for an affordable Easter break. Buddying up doesn’t always save you money, but in some circumstances it can actually make a real difference to what you pay, at least in terms of accommodation. Travel companies offer last-minute deals on accommodation because some money made is better than no money made – and this is especially true of group accommodation. So, whether you’re looking to save money and holiday in the UK, or eager to jet off overseas for a last-minute trip, consider sharing a villa, apartment or chalet with your nearest and dearest. It might make things a whole lot cheaper.

  1. Consider going all-inclusive

Think all-inclusive is your most expensive holiday option? Think again. When it comes to last-minute holidays, all-inclusive can be where the best deals are. This tends to be because companies have already bought up accommodation places and scheduled flights, and are eager to fill as many spots as possible so they don’t lose money. If you can wait until the very last minute then you could snap up something special for a fraction of the usual price. Another bonus to all-inclusive is that once you’re there, everything from your meals and drinks to return airport transfers are included, leaving you free to lie back and relax.

If you’ve never considered a last-minute break before then now might just be the time. Hang back and hold your nerve until close to your intended travel period, then get ready to strike. Follow the above points and you might get a better deal than you’d imagined.

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