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Important Things to Do Before, During, and After a Move

So, what will be your first step to have a safe and hassle-free relocation experience? Of course, your answer will be hiring reliable and professional packers and movers in India to relocate your home.

But, do you think that hiring a house moving professional will make the move easier for you? Will your mover handle everything to relocate your home?

They will indeed help you from packing to transporting and rearranging your stuff, but that doesn’t mean you have no responsibilities after hiring a moving company.

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There are a lot of things that you are supposed to do before the arrival of the movers, during transportation, and also after moving into the new house.

Movers can only help you to pack and move your belongings safely to the desired location, which actually reduces a lot of burdens. But, you will have to do a lot of things to properly plan and execute your home.

Here is the to-do list that will help you to know what are things you are supposed according to the timeline of your move.

1) Before The Movers Arrive

There are plenty of things to be done before the movers arrive. Packers and movers will only help you pack and transport your belongings. The rest of the things should be done by you before the arrival of the movers.

Declutter and sort things

This will give you a clear idea of what you will be carrying and what leaving behind. There’s no benefit of carrying unwanted or useless items. And if you are thinking you can get rid of the useless items after shifting to the new house then you can put yourself into trouble. With this, you will not only take clutter in your new house by paying extra charges for their weight but will also create a total mess while decluttering in the new house.

Clean goods and arrange everything

Before the movers will pack your furniture and other goods, pack them. If the goods will be neat and clean then you can simply start rearranging them in your new house. So, clean everything and arrange them before the arrival of the movers. And if you have a few items that you don’t want to get packed by the movers then keep them in a different room and instruct your move not to touch them. Or, simply put a board of ‘No Packing Zone’. If you have no separate room for this, then keep the goods separately in a corner in the same room.

Pack your essentials

Before the mover will arrive to pack the entire household goods pack an essential bag. This bag will only carry your personal items that are essential as well as expensive. So, make a list of such items, pack them separately in a bag, and keep it aside.

Make an inventory list

Once you are done with purging and sorting out the things then you are left with making an inventory list of your items that you will hand over to your mover.

This inventory list will help you at the time of loading and unloading. You can easily identify if the mover missed anything and immediately complain to your movers regarding this.

Take photos of the goods

Take the pictures of your goods and also click pictures after packing the items. this will help you to show proof to the movers of the initial condition of the goods in case the goods get damaged during transportation.

2) During Moving

As you have learned what you are supposed to do before your mover arrives. So, now let’s discuss what you are supposed to do after they arrive.

Guide/instruct the movers for loading and unloading goods

Although movers and packers are professionals and well-trained in handling goods. But yet you can guide or instruct them according to you to handle your goods. They will follow your guidelines to load and unload the items. Just be friendly and guide them on what to do while: –

  • Dismantling furniture or items – if you have some delicate and luxury furniture that you want to be treated well. Then inform the movers before they start dismantling them. Though they can easily dismantle them, but yet you can tell the easy process of doing it so that it will not consume a lot of time.
  • Packing the goods–You can instruct the mover to handle any specific and sophisticated fragile items and ensure they pack them with proper care and safety.

Double-check house before leaving

After loading the goods onto the truck and before moving out from your old home, do a final walkthrough of all the rooms. Open the cupboard and recheck the drawers to ensure you are not missing anything.

Guide the mover with the best route to reach the destination

While your mover will take away the goods from your old home, guide them with the best route that will not only help them to tackle traffic but also take less time to deliver the goods.

Arrive ahead and clean up the new home

Try to reach your destination before your movers. This way you can make your new house ready to move in with all the goods. Thoroughly clean the house or hire professional cleaners to clean your house and prepare it.

3) After Moving

Unpack and reassembling

If you have hired full packers and movers services then your movers will unpack the boxes and rearrange the goods in your house. Movers will also reassemble the furniture and appliances that had been dismantled while packing them. So, help the movers in reassembling the goods and guide where to place the goods.

Check for damages

It’s good to check the goods for damages in front of your movers only. Because movers will not take the charge of the damaged goods once they left the place. So, check each item and use the video or photo that you have taken before the arrival of the mover, just in case any damages have occurred. So, check the damages and missing items before the movers leave and claim for the insurance immediately.

Tips and refreshment

It’s the basic etiquettes to offer some refreshments, water, or snacks to your movers no matter whether you liked their service or not. They must be hungry or thirsty. So, ask them if they need water or food. Later on, based on your experience with their service decide whether you are going to tip them or not and if yes then how much. But tip only that you much you are comfortable with and based on the service performed by the mover.

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Write a review

Whether you had a good experience or it was a so-so experience, you should always write a review about the company you had hired. Not only the movers will be thankful to you for this, but also the customers, who are planning to hire that company. According to your experience, they can know about the quality of the services they will get from the respective company.

Final Words

We hope that our checklist will help you to plan and execute your move with much perfection and you will not miss the most important things. And to make your move a hassle-free experience for you hire the best and professional movers and packers for you.

If you have any questions, please ask below!