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How Trekking to the Everest Base Camp can Help Hone in your Social Skills

FREGTGTWRWFor a vast majority of workers and career-holders, working at a monotonous pace is always going to be a part of the work routine one way or the other. Whether it be directly or indirectly, a large portion of adult-life is spent going to the workplace and then following, more or less, the same routine for days. This can sometimes lead to the social skill being diminished. When one is following pretty much the same routine day-in and day-out, their social skills can be hampered because of the relatively dull and repetitive lifestyle.

In order to improve the social skills and to make life have a bit more zeal and dynamic color, people opt for many options, like vacationing, taking breaks during the holidays or even just relaxing at their home without worry. All of the options provide a change of pace in the monotone routine and can help refresh and boost one’s creativity and passion for the workplace again. But there is one holiday/vacation option that truly combines all of the best aspects of all social skills brilliantly with an experience of ethereal landscapes, Himalayan views and cultural opulence, and that is the Everest Base Camp Trek.

The Everest Base Camp Trek isn’t as implausible as a regular average working-joe might think. On the contrary, it is relatively cheap, and even for average working class people, it is quite affordable to do. It can be done in a matter of no more than two weeks and is one of the most amazing and beautiful vacation and holiday experiences that can be done solo or with family and friends. The journey provides the opportunity to not only trek to the base camp of Mount Everest, but also experience and be a part of authentic Nepali Sherpa culture of the Himalayas. Away from the workplace, the Khumbu region, which is where the trekking journey takes place, is a vastly different environment. Unlike the confines of a workplace, the trekking journey is brimming with open features of diversity and spectacular Himalayan hallmarks.

How exactly does trekking to Everest help with social skill development?

For starters, the trekking journey takes place in Nepal- the Land of the Himalayas. It is of no surprise that travelling itself is a great personality builder. Travelling to places provides people with the opportunity to grow as human beings and to expand their knowledge of the world. But travelling to completely new and exotic places can elevate that same growing feeling and personality development through the roof. Experiencing the new nature of places, getting immersed in a new culture and being a part of a new societal environment will make your skills polished to near perfection. Travelling helps one to shed the introverted shell and come out to fully enjoy the world’s offerings. There are many wonders in the world, and it does not do well to not experience at least one of them at some point in one’s life.

Moreover, speaking of natural wonders, the Everest is the highest mountain peak on the planet. Its pinnacle breaches the topmost layer of our atmosphere and even the sight of the Himalaya fills people up with a sense of pride and tranquility. The Everest Base camp Trek however, is so much more than just Mount Everest. The journey allows you to navigate through many ethnic Sherpa villages and settlements of the Khumbu region. It is a great opportunity to interact and observe a culture that isn’t found anywhere else on Earth. When the base camp trekking to Mount Everest is done, it involves dealing with many challenges and circumstances that will likely make you a better person as a whole and help you gain confidence in a worldly perspective.

Right from the get-go, the trekking journey already carries immense history with it. The Mountain was first climbed by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa back in 1953. Since then, the journey and the experience have been getting a lot of fame and popularity among many enthusiastic trekkers and travelers. When you do the base camp trek, you are retracing the footsteps of two legendary mountaineers. You are also walking on the same tangent as the legendary Sherpas of the Himalayas as well. Thus, from the start, you are gaining a good self-improvement opportunity.

Trekking is also a great way to get together and meet new and like-minded people from all parts of the world. The popularity of the Everest Base Camp trek has spanned the globe and every year, thousands of trekkers visit the country to do the trek. Hence, it a great chance to interact with people who all share the same interest yet offer a different backstory. It is fascinating and full of amazing tales and stories from people from all over the world.

The trek also lets you get away from the regular workplace environment and places you in a surrounding that is as close to a Himalayan paradise as one can get. From the diverse landscape that includes snowy acreages, pasturelands, rhododendron forests and alpine woodlands that span the area of a huge national park all the way to the sparsely dotted river valleys and ethnic villages lying at the foothills of the Himalayas, the journey is a whole new experience of natural wonders and breath-taking sceneries.

Travelling also helps one become a better planner and to think far ahead. While doing the Everest Base Camp Trek, there are many factors that come into play, like flights to/from the capital of Nepal- Kathmandu to Lukla in the Khumbu, the accommodations, the transportation, the weather, the involvement of trekking guides, trekking equipment and packing and meals. These various common denominators are what determine how the experience is going to be. When one does the base camp trek successfully, they can take that experience and ideas and apply it at the workplace as well. Quick thinking and agility combined with the beautiful nature of the trek can help develop your personality into an energetic and out-going persona, which is quite a valuable personality that most workplaces demand and look for.

Consequently, the contrast in the workplace environment and the new setting of the base camp trek journey is what makes the whole affair worthwhile. The new culture is experienced and on top of everything- good physical attributes can also be developed alongside a positive personality. The knowledge and experience gained from the whole trekking experience, from the start till the finish, is sure to make you a better person who can interact and mingle along with good skills in communication and bright personality traits.

Thus, taking a vacation or a holiday every now and then and spending time with family and friends in the exotic land of the cerulean Himalayas in Nepal is a great way to gain new travel experience without having to splurge on much expense, as the Everest Base Camp Trek is cheap and absolutely doable by people of all demographics’ and preference.

So grab that hiking boot that has been sitting on your dusty shelf and take the courage to leap into a totally new experience, one where you will enjoy yourself to the fullest while developing your social skills and bright personality to take back to the workplace once it is finished. There is nothing quite like trekking to the base camp of Mount Everest to add a little snowy adventure in life.


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    Great! Experiencing the new nature of places, getting immersed in a new culture, and being a part of a new societal environment will make your skills polished to near perfection. Traveling helps one to shed the introverted shell and come out to fully enjoy the world’s offerings.

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