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How To See The World On A Tight Budget

budget-travelSeeing the world is a lofty goal for many, and it may seem impossible at times. It is entirely possible to see the world on a tight budget. In fact, traveling is notoriously dubbed as being a costly hobby, but it is actually one of the most affordable things you can do to improve your life. When it is done correctly, travel can be affordable and just as amazing as traveling in luxury.


Couchsurfing is a term used by travelers on a budget. You find a host in a city you are visiting, and then you plan to sleep on their couch for a designated time. This saves on hotel costs, and hosts are usually excited to buy guests a meal or drink in their city. Millions of travelers use this every single day to see the places they could only dream of.

Travel Lightly

Packing extra luggage puts you at risk for theft, losses and damages. It also costs a lot to fly with extra luggage. It’s a pain to go on buses or trains with excess suitcases. Pack a large backpack for your journey and nothing more.

Explore Nature

Travelers often fall victim to the trendy and touristy traps of traveling. Explore nature when you visit a new area. It’s free, and you will gain more knowledge and experience doing this compared to the alternative. It’s not to say that tourist activities are bad, but they are expensive. Doing free things will help you fit more into your budget.

Take Public Transportation

Car rentals and taxis are expensive. Train vacations, buses and subways are all excellent modes of transportation. They are especially popular in Europe, and they are affordable too. You can get more for your money if you take public transportation instead.

Eat Like The Locals

If you eat like an American tourist, you can expect to spend a ton of money on food. If you eat like the locals of the city you are visiting, you will spend less money. You will also eat healthier. Smaller portions are common overseas. Learn to enjoy local produce, traditional meals and explore the food culture of the places you see.

Work As You Travel

You can learn to work online to get money to fund your travels. You could also trade services with people around the world to get food, tours and rooms to sleep in. Share your skills as you travel to make the most of it.

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