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How to Save Money While Traveling

stocks_3Who wouldn’t want to see more of the world, to experience some of the adventures that other places have to offer? Unfortunately, traveling can be expensive and keeping your budget under control can be a very important part of making a holiday work. So here are some easy tips to help you save money while you travel.

Keep Track

One of the biggest ways for your expenses to get out of hand is actually in the smaller impulse purchases. Souvenirs, extra snacks and all sorts of other items will add up and put a strain on your overall budget. Use an app or even just a simple notebook and pencil to record things as you spend. Seeing what you’ve already spent in a day might be enough of a hint to pass on that next cute souvenir or to choose a cheaper place to eat.

Eat Locally

It’s tempting to head to familiar restaurants when you are on the road, or simply to any major chain that is operating near the attractions you are spending the day at. These places target tourists and you pay more than you would at the smaller and more local eateries.

So plan a little extra time in your day to get away from the tourist spots and find the places where the locals eat. Not only will you get a better travel experience by really enjoying the culture, you can save considerably with every meal.

Travel in the Off-Season

Rates for transportation, accommodation and even attractions often vary through the year, and are at their peak during the popular summer holiday months. If you are able to schedule your trip to your own liking, do a little comparison shopping to see which times of the year are the cheapest. There can be quite a big difference between on-peak versus off-peak timing. Even the right day of the week can save you money on a plane ticket.

Comparison Shop

This is connected to the last tip a little, in that you can find a lot of variation in flight costs so it pays to look around. Not only in terms of the season, but by the airline or the route you take. It might cost a lot less to choose a flight with a stop-over rather than a direct one, or there may be a special deal with a particular airline. Use comparison search engines or simply take the time to look around and see what deals you can find.

Make Use of ATM

This is a tricky tip because it will depend on your bank and which countries you are traveling to. You get better deals during your travels if you pay with cash, but you can end up getting ripped off by using money exchange services. Your smartest approach is to use a bank card that is part of the international ATM system, and you should be able to withdraw cash at any machine in the local currency. Again, check with your bank. There may be fees associated with this or there may not be. At least you know that you’re getting the official exchange rate for your trouble.

Take some or all of these tips to heart, and you might find that you can afford that dream vacation after all.

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