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How to Have Fun in Camden at Weekends

rfgergwLondon is one of the European cities that will blend in the modern world with fairytales in ways no other city can manage. That being said, Camden is a great area to go partying in! Below are a few reasons for which Camden is a great place to go partying when in London.

The Best Partying Prices

On the floor, tickets for events in Camden will only cost you around £20. The same value goes down to £15 online and £13.5 for the early birds. Given the fun you will be having, it is almost free paying this measly amount of money to attend a fun partying event in Camden.

Free Entry to Five Bars or Clubs

Buying tickets for certain types of events in London will grant you free entry to five bars or clubs in the Camden area. Together with your gang, you will soak in the nightlife of Camden like you have never imagined. Party experts say that it is always more fun to party with a group than alone. Visiting several clubs in the same night is a fun way to spend an evening with a group of friends.

Deals on Drinks

In Camden, you will be having the best deals on drinks. When we say you’ll be enjoying cheap drinks, it is not actually cheap drinks you will be drinking with your friends. Rather, you will be enjoying top of the line drinks but at bargain prices. What is a party without the drinks anyway? Even better, if you are with a group of friends, you’ll be having your drinks knowing well that someone has your back. You know…just in case.

The Free Shots

With some of the clubs you visit, you will be welcomed with a shot of your choosing; for free! Can you afford to miss that? Probably not. Shots are more effective at giving you the edge you need to dance to the next song before you grab the next drink. Shots being more expensive than drinks, that’s a huge benefit you will be getting.

The Dedicated Photographer

At certain pubs and clubs in Camden, you will be photographed by photographers randomly, who might even share with you the photographs. On your fifth drink and you’re still going strong? How about a Mister Miyagi pose for the camera? When you are through with the club hopping and it is back to business, these pictures will remind you of the fun times you had with your group of friends. And don’t worry. The poor poses should not make their way to your album.

The Strangers

All night, you will be meeting new people to have fun with. Besides the friendly bartenders in the Camden area, it will be your chance to meet and mix with lots of new people at different pubs and clubs which you will be paying a visit. If you are a regular in clubs, you know that one club alone has too many people to handle. Imagine several of them! In Camden, if you are in the mood for a fantastic clubbing experience, you will be unstoppable.

Events such as the Camden Pub Crawl are popular in the area. If you have ever been on a pub crawl with your friends, then you know how exciting it gets. However, the one problem with pub crawls is that they are a hit and miss affair with some clubs being a total waste of time. With an organized pub crawl though, you will have lots of fun for your time and money. In general, Camden is an ideal place to party in when in London.

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