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How to Find a Catered Ski Chalet in Obergurgl, Austria

ffddsHiring a catered ski chalet in Obergurgl and Austria provides a superb holiday experience that is unique from the standard hotel holiday that most are familiar with. To find a catered ski experience like no other, look no further and visit Obergurgl!

Obergurgl ticks all the right boxes when it comes to choosing your winter ski holiday.

With its "snow sure" reputation, picturesque scenery and short transfer times from Innsbruck airport, it is the ultimate ski chalet destination. With varied terrain and beginner to expert level runs, Obergurgl is also the ideal place to bring your family or group of friends.

Nestled in the Tyrolean Alps, the mountain lives up to its name, The Diamond of the Alps, with amazing views, weather, activities, culinary delights and excellent accommodation to fit all budgets. But what separates Obergurgl from other ski resorts is surely its fantastic snow record; snow is almost guaranteed from early December through to end of April.

Beautifully etched slopes and modern lifts attract passionate free-riders and powder-snow fans to Obergurgl's high altitude terrain. Families are also well-accommodated with plenty of beginner runs and a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to incredible mountain lift capacities of up to 40,000 people per hour, and several base terminals, lift queues are virtually unknown.

Why not make the most of the elements by booking the best accommodations possible -your own ski chalet in Obergurgl. Chalets are quickly becoming the hottest trend in ski holidays in Austria for their practicality, ease, cosy atmosphere and luxury offerings.

How to find the perfect ski chalet

How does a chalet differ to staying in a hotel? A chalet should provide a unique experience enabling a group of friends or families to hire the entire Chalet on an exclusive basis for their ski holiday. Once you arrive the chalet should be treated as your own, with few house rules, allowing you to dine and wine when you wish, in as formal or informal a style as you prefer.Good quality chalets come with superb and charming staff that will go out of their way to ensure your holiday is exactly as you wish. Don't fall for those that are affiliated to a hotel and that try to coral you into a holiday that dovetails with their hotel operating times, make sure when reserving a chalet that it is the real deal.

Many hotel and apartment operators like to adopt the name chalet, whilst providing nothing different to a normal apartment, bed and breakfast, or hotel room. Some apartments claim to provide dinner, with the dinner provided in a nearby hotel - isn't this the worst of both worlds?

Other so called chalets are large houses divided up into several Chalets style accommodations. If you value your own privacy, want to make as much noise as you like, or want to avoid noise from chalets above and below you, avoid these types of arrangements!

First, decide on what you need. How many people are in your group, when are your dates and what is your budget. When you have this information, you can start looking online for the perfect ski chalet in Obergurgl. Narrow your search by using the site and applying filters based on your preferences. Or just type luxury ski chalet in Obergurgl into google.

Your catered ski chalet checklist

Is the entire building for your exclusive use, or are other floors or parts of the same property sold to other parties?

  1. Does the Chalet provide chalet hosts to look after you on a permanent exclusive basis, providing that personal touch?
  2. Will the chalet hosts provide ad-hoc babysitting when you feel like an impromptu après ski on the mountain?
  3. Location, location, location! Isthechalet close or on the slopes, and ideally near the lifts and village centre?
  4. Observe the details of the meals. What is included? All food, all drinks and good quality wines? Champagne? Where are meals served? If it's not in the chalet, and you have to put you ski wear and boots on to go to the restaurant, then it's not a proper ski chalet!!
  5. Transfer times, how long to get there?
  6. How is the snow record?
  7. Free wifi? No one wants to be disconnected, pay extra for wifi fees or have to login each day!


If you have any questions, please ask below!