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How to ensure you have a foolproof yet trendy camp experience?

Camping doesn’t have to be rough, cold or boring. In case you haven’t heard of glamping, it combines glamour and camping to ensure that you have the best design and comfort while camping without compromising on safety and security.

So here’s a checklist of luxury camping items that can foolproof your camping trip:

A luxury tent

Do what your heart desires at some of the most exotic locations on the planet. Go hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, fishing or whatever floats your boat, but return home to a cozy tent with an actual mattress and an insta worthy decor.

There are beautiful, designer tents now that can fit six twin-sized mattresses, enough for 6 people to do yoga without bumping into each other.

With mesh windows, roof vents and zip up front doors that can allow a bed to pass through, or inflatable beams that can help you pitch the tent up in a matter of minutes.

What’s more, modern tents are incredibly storm resistant with sturdy poles, double wall construction and waterproof floors. Are we still talking about tents? Some luxury versions start at $350 upwards but you don’t have to break the bank trying to find a tent that’s both comfortable and sturdy. Just review some tent buying guides and you will find one that suits your needs perfectly.

Camping cots

The great thing about investing good money in a camping cot or glamping cot is the reusability factor. You can find multiple ways to reuse the cot in your garden or patio once back home. If you search camping cot design ideas on Pinterest, you will find some brilliant ways to reinstate the good- old camping cot. For instance, you can convert your cot into a stylish patio daybed. Just use some throw pillows in coordinating colors to provide a cushy surface to lean against.

Many military or camping cots now come with an adjustable recline and headrest, so you can chaise along at your comfort. If you are unsure, which camping cot is right for you then read reviews online for best camping cots.

Camp chairs and table

Just because you are camping, it doesn’t mean you should skimp on essentials like furniture. Folding chairs and tables are clearly the best choice when it comes to camping. Look for chairs that unfold easily and stay stable on uneven ground. A plush backrest and the ability to adjust the seating positions are a nice bonus.

If you are investing in a camp chair, then why not look for one that has armrest. Be sure that the fabric used is soft, wipe clean and durable. But more importantly, check that the frame is sturdy and weather-proof.

The right camping table can make all the difference between basics and luxury. While on the surface, a camping table may look like an everyday accessory, it is important to invest in the best camping table that can take your al fresco dining experience to the next level.

Whether you are into wild camping or car camping, there are a variety of beautiful camping tables that you can convert into a dining table when desired.

Imagine eating your dinner under starlit skies or having breakfast in mellow sunlight and fresh air, allowing you ample space to lay out as much food and drinks that you need.

The camping table is useful for setting up games or to position a camping lantern and also transforms into patio furniture, once you are back home.


Lanterns are a camping essential. They enable you to eat and entertain in style on the campsite, prep food, dine outside and simply soak in the beauty of slow life and solitude in the dark. Some of the best lanterns are portable LED ones, battery powered, collapsible and with lighting options.

What else will you need?

You will need a good deal of kitchen gear, a hammock, headlamps, sleeping bags, pillows, sleeping pads etc.

So the next time you plan to go camping, don’t forget to check this checklist.

If you have any questions, please ask below!