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How to Complain About Noisy Neighbors

Are you looking for a new apartment for rent? Learn more about how to find a rental property and what to do if your neighbors are noisy.

“Landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed” (Karl Marx)

According to the statistics, more and more people choose to rent than to buy their own homes. Consumers have the following reasons for this: real estate prices have risen dramatically while incomes have stagnated in recent years. And they prefer to invest money in education, business development, equities, or other assets.

Moreover, mortgages can be very risky. If you miss a few mortgage payments because of any unpredictable expenses, you can have your house just taken away. Things happen. So, the issue of property rental is ever more crucial.

However, while renting an apartment some unexpecting issues may raise. You have to keep an eye on what real estate agency you choose to help you find a perfect apartment, to make research on a community you are moving in, what rental management company will be responsible for the maintenance in your apartment. Do your homework, double-check all the documents, read consumer reviews, and talk to neighbors. Though, some issues may occur with the neighbors also. Especially if they are noisy.

How to deal with loud neighbors?

Before writing any apartment noise complaint letters, first of all, try to resolve the problem peacefully. How is it possible? Here are simple tips that will help you.

  • Get acquainted with your neighbor (if you have not been acquainted yet);
    Arrange a meeting suitable for both – you and your neighbor;
  • Explain your problem quietly and calmly why neighbor’s noise causes a problem to you and try to listen to his/her point of view;
  • Try to resolve the problem together, be confident and demand respect to your private life even if you feel not comfortable during the conversation;
  • Send apartment noise complaint letter. It’s quite a good idea to explain the problem to your neighbor directly through mailing. This method often helps and is perfect for those people who are afraid or avoid arguing with the neighbor privately.

Who to contact about apartment noise complaints?

It’s a usual problem that people sometimes do not know what institution solves the problem of noise in apartments and where to complain about neighbors.

Apartment noise complaints are usually managed by residential landlords. These are the people who are obliged to ensure tenants’ safety and comfort. Sometimes complaints about noise are also controlled by police.

How to file an apartment noise complaint?

Remember that noise in apartments is forbidden and you have the right to live peacefully at home. If neighbors are loud it’s necessary to write a noise complaint letter to the landlord. Before composing any apartment noise complaint letter, get prepared and do your best to form a good sufficient claim.

Here are some useful tips on how to file an apartment noise complaint efficiently:

  • Address your complaint to a responsible person, first check the name of your landlord and how to contact him;
  • Write in details, giving examples such as the exact date or time when a noise disturbed you;
  • Explain how neighbor’s noise affects you;
  • Offer some kind of problem resolution suggestions;
  • Ask for the response.

It’s important to know that you have the right to file a noise complaint anonymously. If your issue is not solved yet, you should know how to file an apartment noise complaint with the non-emergency police department. When contacting the police to complain, give an officer your exact address and a brief description of the problem. From now on, the officers are supposed to settle the problem.

Legal resolution of the problem is the most complicated and must be the last approach to resolve a complaint about noise. If you decided to sue your neighbor, be prepared for a long and stressful lawsuit. It’s quite difficult to prove your neighbor’s noise was illegal or caused the problem for you. In court, you will have to demonstrate evidence proving that you attempted to solve the problem yourself or with the help of police intervention.

However, hopefully, you’ll meet friendly neighbors and there would be no need for complaints.

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  1. What if I face getting kicked out of my apt. After complaining about noise from neighbors? I’ve lived here for 11 years. Noisey neighbors just moved in. Mgr. don’t really do anything.

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