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How Reliable Is Your Garage Door?

In Phoenix, Arizona, a handful of companies offer the ideal garage doors. To some people, a garage door is just some metallic or wooden sheet that keeps outsiders from seeing what they have in their garage. I hope that’s not you. If you value security, comfort, and have some sense of style, you’ll realize that there is more to a garage door than that.

Design and Customization

If you have some sense of style, you probably chose the design of your home for a reason. It means something to you. Your garage door should also mean something to you because it plays a more crucial role than just keeping outsiders and unstable elements from seeing what you’ve got stashed in your garage.

Your house has a particular design and not many garage door companies in Arizona offer you the opportunity to install a custom made garage door for your home. Imagine one that you helped design and that compliments the design of your home. A good garage door design will enhance your home and make people find it to be particularly interesting and stylish.

Privacy and Comfort

Did I indicate that a garage door plays a bigger role than just acting as a separator between the things in your garage and the things outside of it? If you have some know-how about garage doors, I bet you’ll agree and if you know little to nothing about garage doors, you’ll find the following useful.

Garage doors actually reduce the amount of sound coming from outside your home through the garage. And this takes place without any insulation. It’s the same way a door rather reduces the amount of sound that would enter a room through the door opening. Nevertheless, things can be even better with insulation. Few Arizona garage doors companies offer this but if you look around, you will find some.

Insulation is great for soundproofing your garage such that you can even work in there if there is room. In winter, insulation helps to keep your house warm by trapping heat inside and keeping the cold from outside from entering your home through the garage. This rather reduces the amount of money you’d use to keep your house warm. Furthermore, in summer, the insulation helps to keep your home cool by not allowing the excess heat from outside to enter your home through the garage.

Maintenance, Mechanics, and Technology

We can’t discuss maintenance without mentioning the material your garage door is made of as well as the mechanism that operates it.

Most garage doors will be made of one or more of the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass and vinyl

Of the four, aluminum is the most affordable, low maintenance, but also least reliable because aluminum tends to dent easily. Steel is the most reliable when it comes to quality and longevity. Steel is tough so it hypes your security and will last longer than most materials. It is also low maintenance due to its toughness and metallic nature. Fiberglass and vinyl are kind of in the middle. They combine some aspects of steel with fiberglass and vinyl to create a material that is fairly strong, durable, and way more promising than mere aluminum. Wood is fancy, classy, stylish, but also expensive. It is expensive because wood is the most high maintenance of the four materials and it tends to break easily.

There are also mechanisms that operate the garage door. These mechanisms will probably use one of the following drives:

  • Belt drives
  • Screw drives
  • Chain drives

Belt drives are silent, chain drives are loud, and screw drives can’t survive without lubrication. Furthermore, when it comes to the mechanisms we have:

  • Up and about canopy
  • Folding plus
  • Folding-up and about
  • Side Hinged
  • Roller shutter
  • Sectional doors
  • Round the curve-doors with sliding
  • Sectional trackless door

You have to consider all these kinds of mechanisms operating your garage door to determine which one is best for your situation. Some are expensive and some affordable. However, you have to know what you want first to determine which one is ideal for you.

There are those who will go with anything provided they have a garage door but I bet you are one of those who prefers to have something that is more than a mere garage door. Go first class and invest in a garage door that will not only serve your family in all seasons but that will also last for years.

If you have any questions, please ask below!