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Hospitality and Tourism Aesthetics – Restaurant Menu Covers

There is no gainsaying that people do not only go to restaurants because of the quality of the food. There are many other reasons why people eat out nowadays. Some people go to spend some time with friends, while others go because of the aesthetic pleasure of eating at a fancy place. People, especially the young ones, want to take pictures and upload them on Instagram or Twitter. They want to show their followers how good they look and how much fun they are having. For this reason, restaurant owners should invest in aesthetics. ‘

Aesthetics are a huge part of any organization. More importantly, aesthetics is critical to any organization in the tourism industry. The service and other aspects of hospitality are essential, but the looks are what the consumers see first. For different parts of the tourism industry, there are specific areas where consumers want to see beauty.

In restaurants, people want their food to taste good, but they also want it to look good. They would prefer that everything concerning the food looks great. Hence, it is expedient to pay special attention to your restaurant menu covers and menu cover design as a restaurant owner or manager.

Types of Menu Covers

Many restaurant owners do not take “peripheral” things like menu covers or cover designs into consideration. They just focus on the quality of their food and their customer service. But, increasing the number of people who visit your restaurant is dependent on more. As said before, aesthetics is important. Where better to start than menu cover designs?

Below, we have explained some of the types of menu covers.


Many restaurants have their chefs display “acrobatic” skills in front of the diners. This is especially popular in modern and Oriental restaurants. Metal menu covers are likely to be found in such restaurants. Metal may seem crass to some regular restaurant guests, but it gives a modern feel. So, it is a good choice if the audience that you are catering to loves it.


Leather menu covers are the most popular in high-end restaurants. They do not wear quickly. Of course, this depends on the kind of leather used to produce them. A lower-quality version of the leather menu cover is referred to as leatherette. It is not as aesthetically pleasing and as authentic as leather, but it most definitely costs less.

Leather is strong and functional. It can stand against wear and tear. Still, it is also elegant. That is why it’s a good choice if your goal is to achieve that aesthetic appearance.


Plastic is more suited to restaurants that cater to the needs of people who are just trying to have a meal and move on with their day. The kind of restaurant that Don Corleone would dine at will most likely not have a plastic menu cover. But then again, it depends very much on the audience that you want to cater to.

Summing Up!

The aesthetics used in the tourism and hospitality sector must be affordable by the people who are paying for the services. It is a known fact that you do not only pay for the food when you go to high-end restaurants. You also pay for the ambiance, environment, and how you feel dining in such a place. However, guests do not have to pay through their nose so that they can visit your establishment. If you invest too much in aesthetic materials and try to garner profit by overcharging your guests, it may have a rebound effect.

Also, your client base is the most crucial part of your establishment. It is essential to your brand. So, do not do things flagrantly outside their scope. If you know most of your guests love metal menu covers, please stick to metal menu covers.

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