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Hidden Secrets of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the most luxurious city in the world. I plan to visit Hong Kong. It is a business center of many corporate companies. Hong Kong is mix of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism. This is the most popular destination among the tourist. Hong Kong has lots of activity and side seeing for traveler. I stay in hotel. Then I plan my itinerary to visit Hong Kong.

Big Buddha: I start my trip with Big Statue of Buddha. The Big Buddha also known as TianBig Buddha Tan Buddha. This is made up with 160 bronze pieces. It took 12 year to complete. This remarkable statue will locate in Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, and Outlying Islands. For its closer look you have to climb up 268 Steps. It is sit 26.4 meters on the top of lotus throne, and it is 34 meters high, including the base.

Hong Kong Tramways ( Ding Ding): Tramway is the local transportation in Hong Kong. Local people called its Ding Ding. This ding ding is very eye catchy and its body full of advertisement. It is a double deck tram. Tram start timing is 6:00AM till mid night. I found a authorize stop for tram in every 250 meter distance.

Hong Kong Tramways

Big Bus: Big Bus is the open bus. This bus experiences me a memorable journey. This is double Decker with top portion is open. This bus will drive all over the city. This has 22 stops all over the Hong Kong. There is I enjoy informative audio commentary about the sightseeing with their history. This informative audio commentary play in 8 different languages for the visitors.

Ocean Park: I get up in the morning my guide takes me to the Ocean Park. Ocean Park offer lotOcean Parks of enjoyment in one place. I have seen lots of marine animal such as sea lion, dolphins, penguins and admire super cute giant Pandas and many more. I had take cable car to experience ocean park view from the top. I have taken thrilling experience in amusement park. I spend my whole day in Ocean Park.

Jumbo Floating Restaurant: I want to experience the magic of Hong Kong at night, so I plan cruise ride in evening. It will take approx 4 hr for a ride. I saw an open bar in this cruise which offers unlimited drinks and Tempting Chinese style Junk. I enjoyed dine on Chinese specialties with an 8-course meal aboard the famous Jumbo of Aberdeen Harbour. This floating restaurant has beautiful décor with generous variety of food.

Dragon Garden: Dragon Garden is a 20 acres private Heritage Garden. Which is open once in month. This is the larger private park in the Hong Kong. This garden preserve the architecture features of both East and West. This garden is a perfect example the unity of man and nature. I saw 100 plant species in the garden. There is the touches of Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian elements in architecture of garden.

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