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Heart Warming Facts about San Francisco, Romance, and Luxurious Roses

San Francisco is one of the most resilient and romantic cities in the world. In 1906, the city endured a devastating 7.8 earthquake that caused a ruthless inferno that lasted three days, destroying a lot of property. Furthermore, the city’s economy thrived amidst the 1929 stock market crash, and, in fact, it erected one of its major landmarks – the Golden Gate Bridge – during that period. One of San Francisco’s signature traditions is the Rose Parade that’s held on either New Year’s or 2 January each year. These are just some of the amazing and heartwarming facts about San Francisco. Care to know more?

  • Wine and Dine

If you are a lover of wine, I bet you that SF is one of the best places you can experience not some, but most of the world’s best wines. Each year in February, the city hosts the largest tournament of American wines globally, the Chronicle Wine Competition. The samples are open to “public tasting” subsequent to the announcement of the winners a few weeks later.

San Francisco is rich with culture and diversity. It is American; it is Chinese – it has the largest China town in the world, besides China; it is Mexican – it was initially a part of Mexico; and it is the rest of the world – many cultures over the years have joined the city, enriching its diversity. Consequently, there are many cuisines to discover and explore in the city. If you are looking for variety, in terms of restaurants and different tastes, I bet you cannot exhaust the options you’ll realize in this city.

Have you ever heard of the “fortune cookie”? It was invented and first sold in San Francisco.

Have you ever heard of the “Irish Coffee”? Yap, SF was the first place it manifested!

Are these things that make your meals special? I told you, SF is one of the most romantic places in the world. All you need are complementary luxurious roses in San Francisco to consummate the occasion.

  • No Undies For Cars

If you have ever thought it romantic to use used underthings for wiping off that spot that the guys at the car wash missed, think again. It may seem like an absurd law, but this is illegal in SF, California – it is LAW! For those already guilty of this crime, watch out – you may soon find yourselves “undies arrest”.

  • Do You Think you are Ugly?

Thank God, for revealing to Shakespeare that, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. It is considerably difficult to have any substantial grounds for determining who is aesthetically pleasing and who isn’t. A while back, way back in the 1860s, San Francisco, declared it illegal for those perceived as ugly by public opinion to show their faces, in public. It wasn’t until a century later, in the 1970s, that the city came across Shakespeare’s point of view regarding aesthetics, and to the relieve of the differently beautiful, San Francisco rescinded the law.

  • The City Flower

Which is your favorite flower? As far as San Francisco is concerned, the city’s favorite flower is the dahlia. According to seduction secrets, to convey his or her intentions, a secret admirer sends a bouquet with a single dahlia, to the one he or she fancies. I’m not saying this based on solid grounds, but perhaps this particular seduction move started here, at home. Where was it they said charity begins?

  • Karl the Fog

Between July and August, it gets particularly foggy in San Francisco; a trend that residents are accustomed to that they named the fog, Karl the Fog. If you are a creative person with a taste for uniqueness, how about a wedding in July or August? The theme would be, “Wedding in The Fog”! You can come up with all sorts of effects to set a unique mood for your wedding. Besides, the wedding dress (assuming its white) goes well with the fog.

  • Streets are Supposed to be Crooked!

Many are used to straight streets that turn left and right, but San Francisco is one of those places where streets are zigzag, crooked, and steep. Vermont Avenue is particularly crooked, and Filbert is the steepest. These are irregular streets due to their design, which makes them not only interesting to view but also an exciting driving experience. Furthermore, they are adorned with the most beautiful flowers gardens on either side. What a spectacle!

Okay, I must admit, not everyone will find all these facts heartwarming, but they are, depending on how you perceive them. The stunning roses and the Golden Gate Bridge are not the only reasons for appreciating this great city. We also have romance and luxury in one way or the other. And did I mention that San Francisco is the fourth place in the world with the most billionaires?

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