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Get Yourself a Bag: The Different Types of Work Bags for Office Men

Every office-going men out there, for sure, needs a bag. It seems next to impossible and unimaginable for office guys to go to their workplaces without it. It’s because your bag is an essential thing to carry with you to the office.

It’s a must-have to store your gadgets, papers, wallet, umbrella, and other stuff that will help you survive a busy workday. As such, if you’re an office guy, you should put much thought on what bags are ideal for your type of job and style.

For some help, here is a list of various work bags that are perfect for every working gentleman.

The Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are the trend nowadays. Not only that it provides you a professional aura, but it’s also stylish and makes you look younger than its briefcase counterpart. This type of work bag can hold your office papers, laptop, smartphone, business cards for your convenience.

Messenger bags come with a shoulder strap for you to hang it over your shoulder while you are in your office get-up. As a tip, you should get those messenger bags that have a cotton shoulder strap to provide you some comfort when it’s on your shoulder.

The Briefcase

Imagine this scenario: you’re walking into the conference room for an important business presentation, and what bag should you have in hand? I bet you would not have that carrier bag. Well, for you to be presentable, you should use a modish and business appropriate briefcase.

The wonderful impression that a briefcase can do to people is first-rate. It is not only practical to store your papers and tools for your presentation, but it can also be at your service if you want to impress. Yes, you can even carry it empty. So, if you’re going to turn some heads on your way to work, you get yourself a briefcase!

The Monofold Bag

The monofold bag gives you character. It may not provide the ultimate professional look, but it is cool and stylish to have with you to the office. The monofold bag is also practical as it’s a cross-style between tote and messenger bags.

The monofold bag has a design that can help you organize your things inside. It comes with a front buckle and pockets with zippers for you to secure your things.

The Tote Bag

Tote bags are perhaps the simplest work bag when it comes to design out there. Despite (or because) of its simplicity, it does all the service that you need in your job. Tote bags can hold almost anything that you put in it.

From work documents, extra tees, and umbrella to keys, sunglasses, and wallets, you name it, tote bags will be at your convenience.

The Backpack

Backpacks are still the hot thing. Yes, you can carry it to the office without breaking professional fashion tenets. Backpacks are perhaps the universal bag out there because you can wear it anytime, anywhere.

When choosing backpacks to have with you in the office, you should make sure that you choose those that have a neat and chic design. You should also see to it that your backpack has multiple compartments.

Nowadays, you can find a variety called cloth backpack that can be permissible to wear in a formal work environment and can hold your laptop, phone, and other things you need for your job.

The Cross-Body Satchel

If briefcases, backpacks, or tote bags are not your thing, you can choose crossbody satchel as your work bag. It’s excellent to carry to the office because it’s made of leather, which makes it business-appropriate.


Your work bag is an essential thing to have if you’re working in an office environment. Not only that it enhances your style, but your work bag also has a practical purpose because it can hold your gadgets, papers, and other stuff you need for your job.

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