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Get Your Home Ready For Your Vacation [Infographic]

You all know the feeling. You are so busy and absorbed in your workflow and family time dynamic that you hardly have time left for anything else. And then the vacation you longed for for months comes, and you realise your flight is tomorrow and you still haven’t packed. So you rush through the house in frantic motions to try and organise your luggage. In the process, however, you leave a huge mess behind and leave your home as it is. After all, you are going to your dream vacation-no work, no deadlines, no piles of laundry, no clutter. Only sunshine, cocktails, and sleeping in every day.

What is far from your mind these last moments before your holiday, is that in a week’s time you’ll come back home (maybe even in the wee hours if you had one of those lovely international flights), overexcited from all the fun you had and the long trip home. And the last thing you will want to encounter is a stinky fridge with rotten food, dirty bed linen, and clutter all over. It might be even worse though. Did you remember to lock those small bathroom windows? Did you know that 228,900 households were victims of break-ins in the period of 2013-2014? This is 2.6% of Australia’s population. The odds might seem low enough, but do not invite the chance to become part of the statistics voluntarily.

This gorgeous infographic is your go-to guide to securing your home during your vacation time. You will find a handful of expert tips, complete with cleaning advice, and precautions against break-ins and home emergencies.



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