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Fun Ways to Spend Time on a Road Trip

During the weekend, after five days of constant urges, you have to "buy" those two work-free days of the weekend for you and your family only. It's time to leave this town - it's time to steal away! Whether you have decided to go on a short road trip to spend the day by the nearest river or you have chosen to go on a cross-country trip with your family for the weekend, a few aces up your sleeve on how to make the time you spend fun at all times is always good to have. It's not just about deciding what to do when you get to your destination, it's also about making the part of getting to it fun. After all, road trips are all about relaxing and spending time doing exciting and joyous deeds, so planning them in advance is highly recommended. If you have two or more children, you might want to think about wars over seat space, or the mostly repeated "Are we there yet?" question. Your goal is to avoid them, and these ideas will help you in doing so.


From the moment you get into the car and off to your destination, a couple of games can be your enthusiasm-makers along the way. Billboards, road signs or license plates can offer a great deal of games to play while traveling. The alphabet game is the easiest to play, and yet, the most effective. Namely, every member of your family has to collect all letters of the alphabet by seeing them on any signs of boards along the road. The letters can be called at any time and the first one to collect all of them is the winner.


The "Are we there yet?" question can easily be avoided. Before the trip, using Google maps, you can go through your destination step by step and, once you've finished, print it out. Make a separate copy for each family member and whenever anyone wonders how much more traveling left is there, one can look at one's map and see. A great idea at this point is to make checkpoints before the beginning of your road trip and whenever a certain checkpoint has been reached, something fun can be done. For example, the first person to call a "checkpoint" can get a piece of candy or some symbolic amount of money as a treat. This way, before you know it, your children will stop desperately crying out the question you hate to hear and start yelling "Checkpoint!" instead. Call it "The Checkpoint game" and you will never have to say "No, we are not there yet kids."

The Storries app for your phone

This app is something that will both make your road trip more fun and make your memories last forever. Take pictures with your phone, record sounds, combine them all and make your weekend become an audio-video novel!

Now, fully loaded with snacks and supplies and these creative ideas, you are just about good to go and all you have to do is relax and enjoy! Another thing, not every weekend has to be spent out of town. There are numerous possibilities that can be done at home, with equally successful effects. Tennis tournament day, pancake-day or no-broccoli day etc. are just a couple of ideas to get you going. Good luck!

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