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Food & Nightlife In Disney World

disney-castleThe Walt Disney World Resort, commonly known as Disney World has always been a fascinating place to visit for kids. As the world's most popular entertainment resort, this place located near Kissimmee, Florida is home to several theme parks, water parks and themed resorts. It is no wonder then that kids across the United States and around the world dream of visiting this beautiful and exciting entertainment destination. However, it is not just the kids who will find Disney World captivating. There are several things in and around Disney World that would make it a memorable trip for people who love to eat and enjoy a night out.

Planet Hollywood

This is one of the liveliest dining places you will ever come across. The place is replete with three floors of Hollywood artifacts and food that is sure to please any foodie. Planet Hollywood also has a live performing DJ who you may find noisy or entertaining depending on your taste. But if you are in Disney World, you wouldn't want to miss out on all the noise and fun, right?

Atlantic Dance Hall

Walt-Disney-World-ResortIf you game for some music and dancing, Atlantic Dance Hall is what you should be looking at. This pepping nightclub opens at 9 in the evening and stays open till 1.45 in the morning. Through this time, dance away to some of the hottest songs from the 80s and 90s. Depending on when you visit, you could also request for your favorite videos and dance to the music.

Disney's Boardwalk

Lined up along a quarter-mile long promenade, the Boardwalk is open all day long and features some of the most exciting street performers, night life and fun games. There is no one good time to visit the place. Visit during the day and you can enjoy a number of midway games, while the evenings are a time to enjoy the street performers. The Boardwalk is also a great place to dance your night away. Ideally, you could visit the Boardwalk on your stroll to Epcot or before taking the boat to the Hollywood Studios.

50s Prime Time Café

If you are a senior who wants to relive time from the past, the 50s Prime Time Café is the place to go. Themed along the vintage 50s, this café brings you food and experience from the classic past. Table etiquette is not taken lightly here and unless you want ‘Aunt Liz' or ‘Uncle Fred' to give you a stern reminder on these, do wash your hands and place your napkin on the lap - all this in good humor though.

Victoria & Albert's

Forget the night clubs and the noise outside. If you are in for some classic fine/signature dining, you should definitely try out Victoria & Albert's. With exquisite personalized menu and amazing service, Victoria & Albert's treats you with a memorable experience. Do note that formal attire is expected of the patrons and a cost of $60-$120 per person, this place may not be for everyone. Nevertheless, what better way to sign off the evening than enjoying a quiet dinner with one of the best fine dining areas in Disney World!

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