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Facts to Know about the Changing of the Guard Ceremony

Changing of the Guard CeremonyPlanning to visit London on a budget? There are several budget friendly things to do in London that will let your heart get fonder of some ever so captivating memories along with making you feel thoroughly enriched throughout the time. Moreover, the trip will become easy on your pocket as well. London is surely one of the most captivating holiday destinations in the world that has surely got all of it what it would anyway take to make you feel through enriched. There are palaces visit, castle to wander around, parks to experience tranquility, playgrounds to bring your kids to, museums to explore the exhibits and art galleries to check out the wide array of artistic exhibits.

Apart from these there are some of the interesting free things to do which will further help you to spruce up the spirit of your vacation in the most amazing way. One of the most interesting a well as free things to do ion the city of London happens to be the Changing of the Guard Ceremony. How about witnessing a royal tradition without having to spend a single buck? This is London and this city is totally unpredictable. It is true that the British capital is known for being extremely expensive throughout the year it is also true that there are certain free things to indulge into in this city that will further make it easier for you to enjoy the trip on budget. You will not have to spend lacs of money just in order to make sure that you have thoroughly enjoyed the holiday. Skip the London Eye, visiting the Tower of London and other costly attractions. Instead, ponder some of your attention on the free things, such as pending time at the museums, galleries and parklands in the city which are totally free for the public.

Apart from that, you can also look ahead to enjoy one of the most glorious spectacles in the city and that is the Changing of the Guard. This royal ceremony takes place on a regular basis from May to July outside the stately Buckingham Palace. Alternate dates are scheduled for the ceremony throughout the rest of the ear. Thousands of people gather around the palace gates to get a glimpse of the event. People tend to queue up for long hours outside the palace gates just in order to see this tradition taking its course. The Changing of the Guard is age old custom where the guards who have been on shift already change their positions to the ones who are coming onto duty. It is basically a tradition underlining the whole concept of shifting the duties as Palace Guards. Although the concept can be an extremely simpler one but the pomp and grandeur with which the shift of duty takes place is nothing less than a Royal festival. An enormously huge and grand display takes place that tends to make this event as much electrifying as desired. The hours that you wish to wait outside the gate will turn out to be a watchful event. The Piccadilly London West End will let you explore and enjoy closer proximity to the Palace. Have a look at the schedule of the Changing of the Guard Ceremony in London and try to plan your itinerary accordingly.

  • The Change takes place regularly from April to July
  • The ceremony takes place on every other day in the peak-off seasons.
  • Change begins at 11:30 am. The Guards start leaving St. James' Palace by 11:10.
  • If the weather is bad then the Change will not take place that day. Try to go through the weather conditions before bringing any kind of change to your holiday itinerary for that day.

There are people who tend at the gates surrounding the stately Buckingham Palace and prefer to get right up, close and personal. This is the venue from where the event could be witnessed thoroughly. If you have planned for a London visit during the peak seasons then you may find yourself getting trapped by the huge mob of tourists who are also crowding to capture a glimpse of the same. You need to extremely close to any one of the guards for seeing the event thoroughly. There are people who are slight ore experienced and prefer to stand on the Victoria Memorial which is outside the Palace. It gets easier to capture a bit more of the event from here where you could be elevated above the ground level.

Instead of spending an hour or so standing outside the Place gates, try to get yourself a place along the Mall. As you stand on the side of the Mall which borders the St James' Park, you will get a chance to be right in the perfect place to see the ceremony properly. If you are new to the city, try to get your directions right. This way, things will eventually turn up for you and you will be able to enjoy a fascinating trip ahead without having to waste a single minute.

The Changing of the Guard Ceremony is a part of Westminster City Tour you will be able o know more about the history of this age old tradition by becoming a part of this tour. The tour groups will get up close and personal by means of exploring the fascinating events that will help you in enjoying the beauty and magnificence of the city's exquisiteness.

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