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Exotic Scuba Diving Opportunities in Solomon Islands

HoniaraSerenity, simplicity and a genuine chance to get in touch with nature makes a perfect combination for a spectacular scuba diving. And, to receive the pleasure from ultimate diving opportunities, adventure freaks head to Solomon- a group of small islands in the Pacific Ocean situated east of Papua New Guinea. Some of the past events might have made the Solomon Islands to witness World War II's fiercest battles, but today many people visit this archipelago to soak their souls in the moments of surprises after exploring the rich underwater life, wrecks of ships and submarines.

But, before you make a choice between a land-based or live-aboard scuba diving, it is vital to know something about the Solomon Islands so that you can connect with nature in an incredible way.

  • The water temperature all throughout the year range between 28 to 29°C. However, even in warm water, thermal protection is recommended. May be a 3/2mm wetsuit in such a water temperature or Polartec suit can work if you do not easily shiver underwater. Besides, Lycra skin suit is advisable against stinging sea creatures.
  • Mostly water visibility ranges from 40 to 120 feet. However, the visibility can differ from site to site. Sometimes, critter photographers are able to capture the images of Goby fish-one of the smallest vertebrates in the world. However, some Solomon diving sites are quite challenging due to marginal visibility.

Almost all islands of the archipelago hold a diverse ecosystem, from tiny life to huge predators. Yes! Be prepared for anything in the Solomon.

  • Reefs start appearing close to the surface, and you can also dive deeper to view them. For spectacular and safe viewing, one can easily have a look at a reef life at shallow depths.
  • The shipwrecks can be easily seen while diving in Guadalcanal, and there are also a few merchant ships that are now considered as prolific artificial reefs. The ones having an interest in the wreck diving can plan some days of a live-aboard tour and base out of a hotel in Honiara.

Five Great Solomons Dives

With suitable weather conditions round the year, Solomon is scuba divers delight. Dive in these five spots to get introduced with the magnificent marine biodiversity - a collection of colorful hard and soft corals, enormous fish life, and explore the huge encrusted wrecks of WWII planes and ships.

Korumolun Island

The Korumolun Island dive site has many wall ledges hosting a vast variety of wonderful marine life. There are some beautiful rock formations, densely covered with corals. Mantis shrimp, cuttlefish, lionfish and clownfish are commonly seen water creatures at this diving site.

Mirror Pond

This diving site is famous amongst the ones who wish to get a glimpse of the saltwater crocodile that rests in the shallow tunnel linking the reef face to an inner lagoon. Other charming creatures that can be seen here are hard and soft corals, anthias, humphead parrotfish, white tip reef shark and cuttlefish.

Leru Cut

A 5-metre wide gap penetrating about 50 meters into the island opens at a jungle canopy, which is known as the Leru Cut. This deep cleft is little dark, hence it is advisable to carry a torch for amazing wall dive with plenty of soft corals and large gorgonians.

As the sun rays enter the Leru Cut making it an iconic site to take sparkling photographs.

Mary Island

Also called as Mborokua, Mary Island is a famous underwater point astonishing a diver with the sights of barracuda and jacks. The adventure freaks can easily dive below 100 feet to watch energetic pelagic activities. With some discipline, divers can effortlessly explore the coral rubble beneath the boats.

Wreck of the Ann

The Ann is a ship that was sunk some 20 years, lying in 102 feet of water, however with a depth of 30 ft a diver can explore the top parts of the wreck. This wreck is a home to wonderful marine life. Blennies, sharpnose puffers, hawkfish, and grouper move around the soft corals and gorgonia. Kingposts and wheelhouse are with vibrant color and dramatic texture that delights the divers.

Diving in the Solomon Islands is all about acquainting with the unique culture, sparkling water, awesome diversity of marine life, and WWII ship wrecks loaded with beauty. This world famous diving place offers hidden treasures of cultural and natural wonders.

A wonderful hideaway is just the accurate spot to accommodate and built a dive base to discover the unspoiled dive sites and wealthiest marine life in the area that will capture your soul!

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  1. My wife and I have been diving for 10 years now and it’s been our oath to explore the most wonderful diving spots the world has to offer. So it’s a shame that for all the years of exploration and fun, we never been to Solomon Islands and tried the array of diving spots they have.

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