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Enjoy Top 10 Fun Activities While Being in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country, having a lot to endeavor to its visitors. So, if you are planning to visit Ireland this season then here are the top 10 fun things you can do.

Kayaking at Night in County Cork

You probably do Kayaking at day many times but going to do kayaking at night is not so popular. While being in Ireland you really need to get out on a kayak anywhere you can on the coast but in Cork, there is an attention-grabbing night voyage on Lough Hyne with Atlantic Sea Kayaking that takes kayaking to another interesting level. Kayaking at night makes you enjoy the spellbinding views of the stars and nighttime sounds in the pitch dark that is not than a less fun thing from surfing and playing at the beaches.

Horse Riding in Dingle and Wicklow Counties

Dingle and Wicklow Counties are known for the best landscapes and mesmeric views. Due to such beauty, both Counties are hit by hundreds of tourists every day. The views even serve better when are observed while sitting on the back of a horse. Sounds interesting right? Many of the tourists actually come here to horse- ride that is a whole different experience than a usual horse- riding. Horses are an integral part of Irish history so saying that horses are the most liked animal by the Irish would not be wrong. Nearly in every county, you will find a stable where you can join a trail ride which is really a fun thing. Kids love to be on a horse but make sure their safety first.

Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry

Slea Head Drive is often considered as one of the most beautiful drives in the world because there is plenty to see along the coastal drive that you will start in the town of Dingle. During the drive, you will find older monastery beehive huts, ancient ruins, cathedrals, and a stone cloister. The drive is totally a different experience so a must to do in Ireland tour.

Cliffs of Moher in County Clare

It is more than a picturesque thing rather than a fun one but I can say that you will enjoy it a lot if you are a history lover with certainty (if you are not then that will be otherwise). It is the most photographed sights in Ireland. Standing at 214 meters above sea level, these glorious cliffs plummet into the sea bestowing spectacular views of the Irish coast. Having some pictures while walking on the coastal line of Doolin would be a great experience as you walk through the local farmlands along the coast, giving you a real fresh feeling. There would not only be some farms and walking but you will be told by the history and tales of the past about the area. A tour to Cliffs of Moher is a recommended thing to do while being in Ireland.

Fun at Beach of the Sligo County

Ireland is rich in natural beauty especially when it comes to beaches. The beaches of Ireland are pretty impressive and make sure to see one when you are in Ireland. Hauled sandy beaches filled with activities from Stand up Paddleboarding to sailing and surfing. Surfing is a real good stuff to do while being in Ireland and being a tourist, you must give it a shot and believe me you will not going to disappoint by the results. You can dive, surf and have much more fun at the Beach of Sligo County and others.

Off road driving in County Kildare

Probably one of the best adventures in Ireland, off road driving’s course takes you through rivers, mud holes, up steep hills and over obstacles which will blow your mind. Of course an expert will be there for you to minimize the risk of any harm by showing you the ropes. Situated just about 45 minutes outside of the great city of Dublin, this escapade will make your day for sure. Totally different from the regular fun because off road driving is certainly unique.

Kiss the Blarney Stone in County Cork

It is something that every tourist in Ireland wants to do. Kissing the Blarney Stone gives you the present of the gab and a visit to the Blarney Castle is a must. The castle grounds are a stunning day tour visiting the fairy meadows, beautiful gardens, the witches’ kitchen, the poison garden and the wishing steps; it sounds like a fantasy movie but that’s going to be happened in real which is totally fun.

Ring the Bells of Shandon in County Cork

Cork is the Ireland’s second largest city and is renowned to be one of the finest cities of the country. There is so much to see, experience and do in Cork but the most fun things is ringing the bells of Shandon and if you are pondering what exactly it is then here you get the answer. Cork County has a Church of St. Anne and has got the rings, where visitors ring the bells. Visitor are given headphones to climb into the bell tower as people ring the bells following along with sheet music telling them what strings to pull to play musical bells of the greatest tones including Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head and Mama Mia. When you reach the top, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the city.

Ringfort at the Irish National Heritage Park in County Wexford

Want to live once as they lived in the medieval times in present? Sounds out of the pattern but not in Ireland; you can spend a night in the Ringfort and live a day like they did in the feudal times. You will be given with a pot of stew to cook your food over an open flame as you are surrounded by high wooden fences where you will make your living in a tented house made up of straws. The Heritage Park takes you through the Irish primeval times with huts and providing living of old ages. Villages recreated to display time through the eons are another specialty of visiting this Park.

Seaweed bath in Sligo County:

Going to a public bath is an unusual idea but when you did so, it brings you an utmost freshness, probably because of some psychological satisfaction and a sense of experiencing something different. If you want to try something like that in Ireland but in a totally new and different way then what about taking a bath outside but with your bathtub filled with seaweeds? Slip into a Voya Seaweed Bath in Sligo County where you can expedience a bathing style popular in 20th Century.

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