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Enjoy the Thriving Experience – Things to Do in Toronto and Niagara Falls


Definitely, you would want to have an indelible experience, but the real problem lies where to start your trip. To be precise, what are the places that you must visit while roaming on the streets of Toronto. Although Niagara Falls has its own charm that doesn’t even mean you can ignore other aspects.

Therefore, breaking all the clouds of confusion here are the top places of Toronto and Niagara Falls. Without visiting the same you can’t even call off your trip. Even if you do, you will be missing a big part of your trip.

Without further ado, let’s start with the list.

Things to do in Toronto

Even if you know the city as the house of Drake or whether you have a clear idea about the city, there’s one thing clear that you are going to live your life through this trip.

CN Tower: Once it was the longest tower in the world, and still the structure is attracting huge tourist attention.

You can’t even think of going back from Toronto, without visiting the CN Tower, mainly because of the spire that creates the aesthetic landscape value. Enjoy the value from a lookout level or even get the surrounding view from the highest point of all. Moreover, if you want to uplift the thrill then you can take up a full circle hands-free Edgewalks on SkyPods.

CN Tower

Hockey Hall of Fame: Get down on the ground against the animated greatest goalkeepers of today, this has been considered as the national pass time of Canada.

In Canada, hockey is not just a game is more of an obsession religion. You can experience the spottiness in the museum and unleash the player in you. This place is must visit for all of these reasons.

Hockey Hall

Backward Axe Throwing League: 8.2 million axes were thrown to this arena in 2017 alone.

This is an exciting place to have fun. If you think you can throw an axe then you should miss out on this chance. Moreover, if you are traveling with a group of your friends then you can enter into a tournament against each other to see who can chop the best.

Royal Ontario Museum: Enjoy the incredible collection of culture and heritage, this place is a must visit the place.
There are a number of museums in Toronto, but Royal Ontario Museum is unmatched to all. This is the jewel collection with over 3000 minerals and gems, fossils, first generation art and many more. All these things make it the special attraction for tourist from all over the globe.

Royal Ontario Museum

The original Hunted Walk: Although most of the stories are fictional however the spooky tour is enough to give you a feel of shudder.

With cloak and a lantern, the tour is the awesome way to get acquainted with the spookiest places of Toronto. That includes hunted theater, cities greatest paranormal sites. So, if you love hunting place then this should be on your list.

Things to do in Niagara Falls

This is another attracting place for tourists. To make your trip even more exciting, here are some of the places that you can visit.

Mind of the Mist

If you one of those who love to experience the action from a close spot then this is the best boat tour you can have. This is an exceptional way of enjoying the falls with a view of American as well Canadian falls. This tour will approximately last for around 30 minutes.

Clifton Hill

It’s Niagara Falls most popular street, you should definitely have to visit and observe the beauty to believe. The beauty of the place justifies the battle of the crowd to reach your final destination.

Fallsview Casino

This is another Niagara Falls’ attraction, the stunning Fallsview Casino is situated a few minutes walking distance from the natural landmark. With 3000 slot machine and over 130 gambling table, this place is paradise for all casino lovers. Even if you don’t want to bet, it still worth visiting this wonderful place and enjoy the environment.

Niagara Wine Region Tour

Ascending to the Niagara Falls region this place is the perfect destination to discover wineries. You can access wide extensive tours but the most preferred winery tour with exclusive pick up service from the hotel accompanied by the knowledge-based tour. On the contrary, if you love exploring then you can go off the map and try to come up with your own tour route.

Niagara Botanical Garden

Once again a natural beauty on the list, minutes away from the falls maintained by the Niagara parks school of horticulture, the land is spread over 99 acres. Moreover, you get to notice over 2400 types of roses in this botanical garden.

botanical garden

These are the primary attractions that you can enjoy while roaming in the Toronto or Niagara Falls region. Certainly, there are other types of attraction, but neglecting on such spots is not an option.

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