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Enchanting India in Winters

India, the land of Gods is an absolutely mesmerizing place to visit. With an ample respite from heat, India offers beautiful and enchanting locations for vacations this winters. To have your memorable travel experience consider these places to visit. Here are some places, absolutely breath-taking places you should visit the coming winters.

1) Jaisalmer


Flanked by the TharDesert on the west, the scorching heat of the summers dims the regal experience of this princely province. Come the winters, the locals celebrate the end for long stretched summer hibernation with a vengeance. Jaisalmer organizes the Desert Festival every January-February, where celebrate the cool weather with colors, traditional music and cultural heritage. It also organizes Desert Camps which provides you with the charm, serenity and excitement of the desert. Jaisalmer bounds various glamorous forts and palaces within itself, offering you a regal tour of the royal heritage of the Land of the Kings.

2) Goa


The sun kissed beaches, the golden sands, the sea food shacks, the dolphin cruises, the beautiful churches makes Goa an exotic place to visit this winter. The smallest city in terms of area, Goa has warmer days, cooler nights and calmer sea during the winters. With its rich scenic beauty, Goa brings you closer to your tranquil inner self. Goa also hosts the Sunburn Festival during December which is the biggest electro-musical festival of India.

3) Kerala


Also called the ‘God's own country', Kerala is one of the greenest wonders of the nation. Kerala has everything, you name it. From the lush beaches to the tea plantation fields, to the bird sanctuaries, it has everything to offer. A bird sanctuary in Kumarakom, a tiger reserve in Periyar and world's most bio-diverse ecosystem Silent Valley National Park, all of them are located in one single state, Kerala. Gone the monsoon, Kerala blesses you with its serenity and peacefulness at its zenith.

4) Kashmir


Fondly referred to as "A paradise on Earth", Kashmir offers you snowcapped mountains and lush valleys in the winters.Situated as a jewel in the crown of Himalayas, Kashmir is known for its rich Mughal Gardens, glittering Dal Lake and scintillating picturesque scenery.With winters sprinkling snow in the valley, you also get to enjoy skiing at Gulmarg and ice skating if the Dal Lake freezes.

5) AuliIf


You are an adrenaline junkie and seek adventure, Auli is the exact vacationing spot you're looking for. Situated in the Himalayan Mountains of Uttrakhand, Auli is a perfect skiing destination in India. Auli is also home to some important pilgrimage spots of the Hindu culture. Auli is surrounded by hills and mountains named after the Hindu saints. The peacefulness, oneness and the calming effect Auli has on one is indescribable. With the sun going down, the mountains change color each minute. Auli offers a spiritual connection and brings you closer to your calming conscience.

Winters offer a great deal of vacationing destinations in India. With the heat gone, India is a mesmerizing nation, rich in its cultural heritage and colors. So bring out your Indian Visas and start planning a vacation to the Land Of Gods.

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